The ‘Secret Invasion’ finale should have huge consequences for New Asgard

This article contains spoilers for the Secret Invasion finale.

Secret Invasion is now complete, though sadly the grand finale turned out to be something of an anticlimax. We’re not quite sure what went wrong here, but let’s just say fans are left with way more questions than answers as the credits roll.

But it’s what happens after the dust has settled on the core plot that may have the most impact on the MCU Earth. President Ritson makes a televised address confirming the existence of Skrull infiltrators and says he’s pushing forward a bill “that designates all off-world born species enemy combatants”.

The phrase “enemy combatants” was used by the Bush administration to refer to those they suspected of being members of supporting al-Qaeda or the Taliban, and essentially means that don’t qualify for protection under the Geneva Convention.

We then get a montage of the ensuing chaos, with those suspected of being Skrulls brutally killed (and, in a throwaway moment, the assassination of the very much human British Prime Minister). It’s a disquieting ending, though any MCU viewer will know that the Skrulls are far from the only “off-world born species” on Earth.

Most notable are the surviving Asgardians, whose New Asgard in Norway seemed to be thriving as a tourist destination in Thor: Love and Thunder. So, as per this bill, is the US Military going to start launching airstrikes on New Asgard?

Well, we’d like to see them try, as we suspect Valkyrie would be distinctly unimpressed. Whether this plotline will end up affecting the Asgardians remains to be seen, but logically it should, so perhaps it’ll get picked up in a future MCU production.

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