The live-action ‘Borderlands’ movie finally has a release date

When it comes to on-screen video game adaptations, the incredible success and popularity of The Last of Us undeniably set the bar very high. To the delight of fans who are used to the on-screen display of popular games, another adaptation is coming in the form of Borderlands.

The live-action movie is set to release on Aug. 9, 2024, as per reports by Deadline. Helmed by Eli Roth with the screenplay composed by both Roth and Joe Crombie, the film will consist of a star-studded cast such as Cate Blanchett, who will be playing the protagonist, Lilith, as well as Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

The story revolves around a mysterious treasure hunter named Lilith who, upon returning to her home planet, Pandora, encounters the daughter of the most powerful man in the universe, Atlas (Edgar Ramirez). To protect her, she enters into an alliance with various eccentric characters like former soldier Roland (Kevin Hart), demolitionist Tiny Tana (Ariana Greenblatt), an experienced scientist named Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis), and the robot called Claptrap, played by Jack Black.

While protecting the girl, the group members, or a group of ‘misfits’ as they are called, will be forced to fight bandits and various violent creatures. But of course, being the daughter of a powerful man comes with its own challenges, as we will come across someone within the group who will be planning to use the girl to gain enormous power for themselves from her father, Atlas. And it’s none other than Roland, a respectable former soldier on a quest for redemption. As a result, the members of the alliance will be forced to fight each other.

Being one of the most successful game adaptations coupled with an intriguing plot, Borderlands is definitely a film to look forward to.

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