The 10 cutest aliens from movies and television

We are not alone. Whether they’re friend or foe, extra-terrestrial life has been featured in our media for many years. Whether they’re unaware of the situation, part of the problem, or just want to make peace, it’s up to humanity to decide whether or not they’re worth trusting.

But not all aliens are terrifying. While most science fiction titles try to depict these intergalactic creatures as something horrifying, others turn out to be cute, innocent, and sometimes harmless. To prove said point, here are 10 of the cutest aliens that have been introduced throughout film and TV. You decide if you could trust any of them.

10. Adipose (Doctor Who)

The Adipose is an alien species introduced in Doctor Who that is composed of human fat. They’re cute marshmallow-like beings that seem completely harmless, but could also be potentially dangerous, considering that they also take other human tissue like organs and bones for their development. But hey, if they’re able to help humans lose weight, that’s great. Just make sure you don’t catch them, or else your entire body will mutate into this alien species thanks to their “nanny.”

9. Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Mantis was first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This Celestial hybrid may look and sound innocent and naive, but her abilities could be deadly if used correctly. From mind reading to emotional and memory manipulation, Mantis proved a vital member of the Guardians. Such a shame that she decided to leave the group, but perhaps that’s for the best. Will we see her again? Who knows.

8. Mr. Frundles (Rick and Morty)

In the words of Rick Sanchez, Mr. Frundles is cute. Unfortunately, it’s a parasite that’s able to take over anything. From living beings, objects, and even planets, one bite turns them into Mr. Frundles. Why was that alien species living in the Smith Household? No clue. Hopefully, this creature becomes a greater adversary in future Rick and Morty episodes.

7. Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magika)

Kyubey may seem like an adorable cat-like creature who’s able to grant wishes to young girls. But in reality, this wish-granting alien is a sociopath whose species sees empathy and emotion as mental health disorders. These Incubators came to Earth for one reason — to convert emotions into energy, which will be used to prevent the death of the universe. Would you like to sign a contract with this alien to become a magical girl?

6. Tribble (Star Trek)

In the Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles,” this rodent-like species that can create “a new generation every three hours” was featured. They’re harmless, low-intelligent, furry alien species with no facial features, yet somehow were seen as a problem by Captain Kirk and his team. Sadly, the Klingons found these creatures as an “ecological menace” and tried to make the Tribble an extinct alien species.

Steven Spielberg introduced the world to an alien that kids would want to protect. E.T. was just a simple creature who wanted to collect plant samples and do no harm. Fortunately, this alien was protected by children who did whatever it took to bring their new guest back home safely. In exchange, E.T. was able to make some new friends throughout its adventures on Earth.

4. Ruby/Navy (Steven Universe)

Steven Universe may have its aliens share the same name based on their gem, but Steven has decided to give some of them nicknames to tell them apart. Out of all the gems that were introduced in the show, Navy (a Ruby with a gem placed on her navel) has to be the cutest of them all. She’s soft-spoken and innocent-looking, but all that cuteness could also be used for manipulation, as she was able to trick Steven, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli to get what she wants.

3. Hubble (Good Boy!)

Who doesn’t love dogs? After all, dogs are man’s best friend. But in the 2003 film Good Boy!, dogs were actually aliens, destined to rule over humans. Hubble starts as intelligent and doesn’t care about his owner, especially due to his loyalty to the Greater Dane. But eventually, he slowly learns about the bond between dogs and humans and the friendship forged over the centuries. Could you imagine a universe where dogs ended up becoming rulers of Earth?

2. Angel (Lilo & Stitch)

Angel (aka Experiment 624) is Stitch’s love interest in Lilo & Stitch. She’s an alien with the ability to change one’s morality through her singing, except for those created after her. Just like the rest of Stitch’s cousins, Angel was also able to find a place on Earth, becoming an international and intergalactic singing sensation by the events of the Stitch! anime series.

1. Grogu (The Mandalorian)

Who doesn’t love Grogu? This cute Jedi-turned-Mandalorian foundling has become a beloved figure in the Star Wars universe. The idea of this young kid wearing a Mandalorian helmet is the fandom’s biggest conundrum. Grogu mostly communicates through babbles, despite being over 50 years old. And yet, he’s capable of fighting some of the galaxy’s greatest threats like Moff Gideon.

While the existence of alien life still remains unknown, it’s interesting to see how the media depicts these species. While a common stereotype was that they’re green, slimy, and unappealing to look at, some decided to go the opposite direction and make them look adorable and innocent. So until we can truly answer whether there’s life beyond Earth, we can only assume that they either look like horrifying monsters or harmless creatures.

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