Taylor Swift Diving BACK Into Her Love Life For A TV Show?!

Baby, let the games begin.

Taylor Swift is delving into the world of screenwriting, according to a source for The Sun this week — and that could be bad news for her actor exes. According to the insider, the pop superstar is in talks with Alice Birch, one of the acclaimed writers of HBO hit Succession, and they’ve already got some ideas flowing:

“Taylor is a multi-talented individual and while her love life has given her ten No. 1 albums, it is also in the early stages of spawning a new TV show. She has been introduced to Alice and they have started discussing a possible new screenplay. Taylor is incredibly astute and getting her head into a project like this would be perfect for her.”

Could it really be another examination of her relationships? The way her All Too Well short film was? Inneresting…

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Per the source, the show they’re discussing is a “meta-feminist” type of series. The insider explained why they think Alice is the perfect match for Tay Tay’s vision:

“Alice is an ideal writing partner as she helped shape Succession character Shiv Roy. Seeing how she moulded this character, who existed in a male-dominated environment, caught Taylor’s eye. They have just been throwing around ideas.”

Ooh, Taylor as Shiv? Inneresting! We wonder if this might tackle her fights in the music industry, too! Kind of like an actual good version of The Idol?

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Of course, the Anti-Hero songstress is known for making empowering anthems, as well as writing songs about her love life — and her TV show would be no different! The source added:

“Naturally, Taylor’s relationships have inspired some of her biggest songs, many of which have become empowerment anthems. This translates easily on to the screen and there are so many threads they can take from it. It is really exciting and something Taylor is looking to branch out into.”

So exciting! Obviously this is very early days, so casting is still a LOOOONG way away. But we can probably safely assume Joe Alwyn, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harry Styles aren’t going to be on any shortlists for potential leading men… Ha!

Of course this isn’t the first time Taylor is dipping her toe into longer form storytelling. Last December, we reported the exciting news that Searchlight Pictures would be teaming up with the Midnights musician for a feature film. At the Toronto Film Festival, she said of the new venture:

“I’d like to keep taking baby steps and I’m at a place now where the next baby step is not a baby step. It would be committing to making a film and I would absolutely love for the right opportunity to arise, because I adore telling stories this way.”

Brace for impact, Swifties! And remember what John Mayer said — “please be kind“! LOLz!

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