‘Sounds like a successful girls’ trip to me’: Group gets more than they bargained for on a backpacker’s trip to Budapest

A recent viral TikTok displays the aftermath of a trip to Budapest that was less than desirable. TikToker @Alex.Crockett shared a short video that panned around an airport showing each of her friends looking mildly lost and extremely distressed. The six-second clip featured text stating that one girl had gotten pickpocketed, one has COVID, a third may be pregnant, another lost her luggage, and the fifth girl is now single.

Alex captioned the video, simply, “We [love] Budapest.” The internet seemed to find humor and relatability in the girls’ post-trip struggles. The video received over 600 thousand views and 60 thousand likes.

Commenters were quick to share stories about their own girls’ trips that had gone awry and expressed concern for the girls as they made their way back home. One commenter even applauded the girls for at least remaining friends after such a stressful trip. Others said it sounded like a successful, if not eventful, girls’ trip with plenty to unpack when they got home (at least for the girls who hadn’t lost their luggage).

The biggest point of concern in the comment section was from viewers who wanted an update for the girl who might be pregnant. Several asked for a follow-up video, hoping the young woman was not left pregnant alone in Budapest.

Fear not, she left a comment on the video telling everyone to put their worries aside and that all is well.

The takeaway from the sheer multitude of people that related to this video is that almost everyone has a story of a girls’ trip going absolutely off the rails. At the very least, these girls got out with their friendship and a really good story.

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