‘She gon learn today’: Theme park newbie finds out the hard way why you should listen to adults

Rollercoasters can be a lot of people’s introduction to thrills but it is necessary to try and conquer only how much you know you can handle. Otherwise, you may end up going from grinning naively to mortified in a matter of seconds just like one child did. Luckily, the girl’s reaction was recorded on Tiktok as a cautionary tale for others.

The caption of the video reads: “[W]hen you tried to tell your niece she is [too] little and won’t like it but says she isn’t scared of anything.” The video plays out exactly as you’d expect, with the little girl smiling carefree in the build-up to the first drop before clinging to her grown-up companion’s arm by the time they reach the bottom.


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We must commend the girl for making such a brave choice, even though she was clearly in over her head in the situation. However, there’s such a thing as empathizing with someone’s situation while still laughing at it, due to its utter relatability.

In many ways, we’ve all been that little girl at one time or another, just as one TikTok user pointed out.

This is obviously one lesson the little girl won’t soon forget.

It’s also just an extraordinary thing to see the entire range of human emotion encapsulated in a mere two minutes.

The entire incident makes us harken back to a simpler time when there was always a grown-up there to comfort us during life’s challenging moments. Luckily, there are at least videos like this to provide brief fits of levity in our day. Thanks for your courageous attitude, little girl, it has inspired us all.

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