Shakira Screaming As A Rat Almost Stepped On Her Head Was Only One Of The Nightmarish Things To Happen On The ‘Copa Vacía’ Set

Shakira has dealt with some odd headlines of late. That includes followup to being seen next to Tom Cruise at an event, which led to much speculation even though nothing truly appeared to be afoot. That also might be odder (or less, depending on one’s perspective) than an outtake that the Colombian pop mainstay shared from her memories of the “Copa Vacía” video set.

As we previously discussed, the song and video reveal a collaboration between Shakira and Manuel Turizo. The two play two lovers who are attempting to get their romance back on track, but a guest star got a little too friendly in the process. That would be a rat, who was supposed to be part of the background but moved to the foreground, and as you can see in the below Instagram reel (shared by Shakira herself), she screamed while she was stuck in a mermaid tail and Mr. Rat came to say hello.

Yeah, that does not look fun. Yet Shakira seems to be amused enough about it to post the reel, and via PEOPLE, she previously told Hola! USA that this was only part of the not-so-wonderful stuff to happen on set:

“The fish tank broke, the set began to flood, and they had to take me out of there. I couldn’t go out because I had a mermaid tail, and I couldn’t climb out,” she told the Spanish-language news outlet, per Hola! USA. The singer wore the costume for the entirety of the music video, and in order to continue filming, had to be removed by a crane during the on-set incident.

No thank you, I will stay on dry land over here, even in a pretend capacity.


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