Ren Remains Calm Despite Na In Woo’s Interrogation In “Longing For You”

ENA’s “Longing for You” dropped tense new stills of Na In Woo and Ren!

“Longing for You” is a new mystery drama starring Na In Woo as Oh Jin Sung, a detective who discovers hidden family secrets while searching for the culprit of a murder case. In addition to Na In Woo, the drama’s star-studded cast includes Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, Jung Sang Hoon, and former NU’EST member Ren.

Na In Woo will take on the role of detective Oh Jin Sung who is quick to put his words into actions, while Ren will play Oh Jin Sung’s gentle younger brother Oh Jin Woo. Although they have opposite personalities, they take care of each other more than anyone else as close siblings. However, their peaceful lives are interrupted once Oh Jin Woo is framed as the suspect of a murder.

In the newly released stills, detective Oh Jin Sung wears a complicated expression as he faces his younger brother Oh Jin Woo in the prosecution’s interrogation room, creating a stiff atmosphere. Oh Jin Sung supresses his boiling rage as Oh Jin Woo looks back with a meaningful expression.

As the two meet as the suspect of a murder case and as the detective in charge of the case, viewers are curious to find out if this tragic incident will serve as the turning point in revealing the secrets of the two brothers’ family as well as their future fates.

The production team shared, “Na In Woo and Ren showcased close chemistry like siblings or close friends on set. Please pay attention to Na In Woo’s performance as he faces off against a huge conspiracy starting with a murder case as well as his strong brotherly love with Ren.”

“Longing for You” is set to premiere on July 26 at 9 p.m. KST. Stay tuned!

Until then, watch Na In Woo in “Jinxed at First”:

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