“Quantum Leap,” “Magnum PI” Return This Fall


Whilst CBS is relying on borrowed streaming content and reruns to fill out its Fall 2023 schedule during the strike, over at NBC the broadcaster will have the biggest line-up of fresh scripted content amongst the major networks.

The network reportedly finished the majority of the 13-episode second season of its “Quantum Leap” reboot prior to the writers’ strike. As a result, ‘most’ of the season will be ready to air with the newest leaps commencing on October 4th with enough episodes in the can to reach year’s end and potentially early 2024.

Then there’s the “Magnum P.I.” reboot which had already completed production on the second part of its fifth and final season before the strikes. As a result, the final run of the Jay Hernandez-led show will be available to air all ten episodes starting October 4th.

Also available are two new drama series – the missing persons drama “Found” starring Shanola Hampton and Brett Dalton, and the Jesse L. Martin-led ‘genius quirky consultant works with cops’ series “The Irrational”.

Both those shows completed filming on their full first seasons of thirteen and ten episodes, respectively, and thus will be available to air in full. “Found” debuts October 3rd, and “The Irrational” commences September 25th.

The network also has some episodes of the third season of “La Brea” and the entire season of the new sitcom “Extended Family” ready to go, but both will be held until midseason.

NBC is also scrapping their Wednesday night ‘One Chicago’ block, has pulled “Night Court” from the Fall, will extend “The Voice,” and will incorporate Canadian medical drama “Transplant” alongside procedural reruns and various reality and game shows.

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