'Oppenheimer' Stars Alex Wolff & Olivia Thirlby Went To A Bar Instead of NYC Premiere Amid Strike

Alex Wolff and Olivia Thirlby had to skip the red carpet for the NYC premiere of Oppenheimer over the weekend due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, and instead, headed to a bar!

The two actors, who plays Luis Alvarez and Lilli Hornig in the Christopher Nolan directed film, were spotted at The Richardson cocktail bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, according to fan sightings via Page Six.

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According to the outlet, Alex and Olivia hung out at the popular hangout, amid the strike which prevents them from supporting the project at this time.

A source told Page Six that Alex and Olivia were ready “for a night out”.

“They were having a party. There was a lot of laughter and they were taking selfies,” the insider added. “They were with a small group of friends.”

One fan, comic and Lauren Lamphere was one of the lucky ones to get a pic with Alex.

“Sscreaming. crying. throwing up. met THE Alex Wolff last night,” she wrote on social media.

Just a week before, more of Oppenheimer‘s cast walked out of the premiere in London as the strike started.

The movie is out on Friday, July 21.

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