Nitesh Tiwari’s Epic Ramayana Confirmed as a 3-Part Saga, Taran Adarsh Reveals Details!

Following the controversy surrounding Adipurush, there has been a lot of online speculation regarding director Nitesh Tiwari’s ambitious undertaking, which is said to be inspired by the epic Ramayana. Although no official announcements have been made yet, renowned film critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh recently shared some crucial details about the highly-anticipated movie.

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During a conversation, Taran Adarsh expressed his views on the possibility of a future film based on Ramayana, taking into account the negative response Adipurush faced. In response, he stated that he preferred not to delve into specifics as he had already discussed the matter with Nitesh Tiwari. He indicated that the media could speculate as they pleased, but he refrained from disclosing any information at the moment. Off the record, he mentioned that there were many aspects to discuss, but he chose to withhold them for the time being.

Ramayana Trilogy: Taran Adarsh Reveals Exciting Insights

Taran Adarsh provided a glimpse of what can be anticipated from Nitesh Tiwari’s upcoming project, stating that it would not be a single-part film like Adipurush. Instead, it is planned to be a three-part film, encompassing the entire journey of Ramayana from its beginning to the end. However, Adarsh emphasized the need to wait for official confirmation. As of now, the cast for the movie has not been finalized. The film critic expressed his unwavering faith in Nitesh Tiwari’s storytelling prowess and commended the director’s vision in embarking on an ambitious exploration of the epic saga.

Taran Adarsh said that filmmakers should be truthful and honest when making movies about myths. He thought it’s good to make films about cultural stories, but they shouldn’t trick or lie to the audience. He said that filmmakers should stick to the original stories and be respectful to them.

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