Netflix’s new reality show has contestants surviving a zombie apocalypse

If the Squid Game reality show wasn’t dangerous enough, Netflix has gone to a different extreme for its next unscripted series: a zombie apocalypse. The streamer just unveiled Zombieverse, a reality show that takes place in a version of Seoul overrun by (presumably actors playing) the undead.

Here’s the basic setup:

A group of unwitting contestants gather to take part in a reality dating show, but things take a terrifying turn when they find themselves in the middle of Seoul overrun by zombies. Together, they must escape the city and outrun the walking dead, or risk becoming zombies themselves. 

The show will feature 10 different cast members trying to complete quests to progress to the next stage, and it includes some notable faces, like Lee Si-young, who stars in the non-reality apocalypse show Sweet Home, also on Netflix.

Zombieverse starts streaming on August 8th.

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