Monica Opens Up After Jumping Into Audience to Save Woman Being Hit by a Man During Concert

Monica is providing an update after pausing a concert to protect a woman in her audience.

On Saturday (July 22), the “The Boy Is Mine” hitmaker was performing at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit, Michigan when she jumped into the audience. She did so to eject a man who she saw hit a woman.

She opened up about the moment in a new interview, revealing what went down.

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“There was an altercation in the audience between a man and woman that I could tell from my viewpoint onstage. It was heating up as I was attempting to get security’s attention to ask them to de-escalate it, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to fully understand what I was asking them to do,” Monica told The Hollywood Reporter. “And I did everything I could after seeing him strike her to prevent her from being hit again.”

She continued, saying, “It was very triggering for me to see a woman be assaulted by a man. But I thank God that we were able to prevent it from going further than it did and everyone made it home safe.”

The hitmaker urged concertgoers to be aware of their surroundings and to act with grace.

“It was only in my mind to protect and serve and be there for this woman that I could see from the stage,” she added.

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