Lauren Boebert Dropped A Commemorative Pin Honoring A School Shooting Victim Straight Into The Trash

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert loves her guns. That’s an understatement for the owner of the now-defunct Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. The right-wing congresswoman also recently spread Internet chaos by holding up a t-shirt that compared guns to hole punchers, and she has talked about her love for firearms so much that SNL parodied her, which led to a triggered response.

Generally speaking as well, Boebert defends gun rights whenever a mass shooting makes the news, although granted, this happens so frequently that these stories are (sadly) commonplace. So, it’s not part of Boebert’s agenda to give airtime to those who want to advocate for gun control following shooting tragedies. And that’s possibly why she decided to throw a commemorative pin for an Ulvalde shooting victim right into the trash.

Sarah Fishkind was on Capitol Hill, where she and her associates were passing out pins that depicted the green, low-top Converse shoes worn by Maite Rodriguez. Those shoes came to symbolize this tragedy, and Ulvalde native Matthew McConaughey called attention to them during a White House press conference. After Boebert was handed a pin and told what it represents, she kept on walking and dropped it right into the trash.

As Fishkind wrote on Twitter, “We just talked to Lauren Boebert about what the pin represents. She immediately threw away the pin and shook her head ‘no’ when I said we hope you can take action on gun violence prevention.”

It’s rather shocking to behold such a brazen brush off involving slain school children, but Boebert surely knew what she was doing and how it would be perceived.

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