Kenneth Branagh To Helm “Gargoyles” Film


“Thor,” “Belfast” and “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” director Sir Kenneth Branagh is to helm a new feature-length film based on the animated 1990s favourite “Gargoyles” according to The Belfast Telegraph.

There’s been no real movement on the project since way back in 2011 when the “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” writers were brought onboard to pen a new script. It’s unclear if any of that script will be used.

The series premiered in 1994 and ran for three seasons, a total of 78 episodes and followed a clan of gargoyles as heroes transplanted from the 10th century to the modern day.

Back in the middle ages, most of the clan was killed, and the survivors were cursed to be frozen in stone until their castle reached above the clouds.

A billionaire buys the castle and has it transported to, and reconstructed atop, his New York City skyscraper – awakening the creatures from their slumber. The gargoyles must protect the city and its people from various supernatural challenges.

Keith David, Ed Asner and Jonathan Frakes lent their voices to the series. Branagh this week joined writers and actors on the picket lines.

Source: The Belfast Telegraph

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