Kendall Jenner ROASTED For How She Pronounces Her Own Tequila Brand's Name!

Wait, HOW does Kendall Jenner pronounce her tequila brand??

As Perezcious readers know, the supermodel has found success — though not without controversy — in her tequila brand, 818. But if you’re like a good chunk of fans, when you hear the name in your head or say it out loud, it probably comes out as “eight-one-eight,” right? Well, the founder says otherwise.

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On this week’s episode of The Kardashians, the 27-year-old discussed her alcohol brand, which is fittingly named after the Calabasas area code (where the KarJenners have nested over the years), and jarringly pronounced it “eight-eighteen.”


A Reddit user quickly took to the platform to share their bewilderment, relatably admitting:

“I was watching their new show. I’ve been calling it eight one eight for years, but Kendall said eight eighteen. Yes I’m a dumbass”

But it turns out they aren’t the “dumbass” they think they are! Ha!

A TON of fellow Reddit users jumped on the thread, including some that live in the 818 area code, to weigh in on the debated pronunciation:

“lmao i live in the 818 area code. i promise everyone here says eight-one-eight”

“As someone that lives in the 818 area code, it is called eight-one-eight.”

“I think she’s trying to sound smart and it’s not working”

“I swear Kendall/Kylie [Jenner] themselves called it eight-one-eight in their makeup youtube video where they took shots the whole time. Maybe she’s just trying to make it sound cool”

One user suggested Kenny may just be trying to sound “quirky,” while another theorized:

“Maybe she was just saying it differently for fun? Like adding a little pizazz to something you say all the time?”

Who knows! Kendall, we need answers!!

How do YOU pronounce 818, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Image via 818 Tequila/YouTube.]

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