Keep your cameos from beyond the grave, the best guest star in ‘The Flash’ has been named

DC unearthed numerous superheroes from beyond the grave to add to its exhaustive roster of cameos in The Flash. From George Reeves’ Superman to Helen Slater’s Supergirl, the film infused a ton of guest appearances in its attempt to tell a multiversal tale that would lure fans in. However, despite its best attempt, the best cameo in the movie wasn’t even a superhero, alive or dead.

While the world was counting all the alternate versions of superheroes who appear in The Flash’s Chronobowl, a Twitter user pointed out an overlooked cameo that is superior to every other overhyped surprise guest.

Yes, it’s the director himself. In a three-second sequence, Andy Muschietti makes a cameo in The Flash as a regular guy trying to eat a hot dog on the street. This is when Ezra Miller’s title hero speeds by him and takes away his hot dog right when Muschietti is about to take a bite, leaving him confused. His brief stint in the spotlight might have gone unnoticed by most fans, but @whenbatmenfly has named this funny sequence as the best.

The tweet garnered more than a million views, and also elicited various hilarious responses from tweeters, where one user asked “If The Flash stole your food, would it be possible to sue them for theft/compensation? Like it belonged to that guy, and people have sued other people for far pettier reasons.”

But before you start calling him a thief, the Scarlet Speedster took the hot dog to regain the energy that he needed to use his suit’s powers. While he was saving the numerous people and innocent babies stuck at the falling hospital building, our hero went out of energy and needed a quick recharge. But another Twitter user, @cchrischiang sarcastically replied to the tweet morally policing The Flash.

So Muschietti at least got one cameo right, and it’s his own. But the one cameo in question didn’t save The Flash from getting absolutely thrashed at the box office. The film hit the digital platform just one month after its theatrical premiere, after setting a record box office low for DCEU.

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