“Interview with the Vampire” S2 Sneak Peek


Following its panel at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC has released the first footage from the second season of “Interview with the Vampire,” its acclaimed series take on Anne Rice’s beloved “The Vampire Chronicles” books.

The eight-episode second season adapts the back half of that first book as Louis (Jacob Anderson) and his vampire daughter Claudia (Delainey Hayles replacing Bailey Bass) have fled New Orleans and are now in Paris.

There they encounter the Theatre des Vampires, a stage production in which a coven of actual vampires pretends to be actors who are playing vampires for a theatrical stage performance.

The trailer confirms the return of Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy and Assad Zaman as Armand and shows off Ben Daniels, who joins the cast as Santiago.

There’s also a portrait of Lestat, who is revealed to be a co-founder of the Theatre des Vampires. At the end of last season, the pair left Lestat (Sam Reid) for dead, and whilst Reid doesn’t appear in the clip, don’t expect the character to be sitting the second season out entirely.

“Interview With The Vampire” is set to return sometime in 2024 to AMC and AMC+. The new run still had weeks of filming to go before it recently paused production due to the strike.

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