Intel mini NUC computers get a second life thanks to Asus

Intel announced earlier this week that its compact and upgradable NUC computers were being discontinued, but now Asus is stepping in to manufacture and develop future NUC systems instead. While Intel won’t be making its cute small form factor PCs anymore, Asus will receive a non-exclusive license to Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) product designs.

“As we pivot our strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product innovation and growth, our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for our customers and partners,” says Sam Gao, general manager of Intel Client Platform Solutions. “I am looking forward to ASUS continuing to deliver exceptional products and supporting our NUC systems customers.”

Intel’s NUC 9 computer.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Asus will now be able to manufacture and sell 10th Gen to 13th Gen NUC systems and even develop future designs based on Intel’s upcoming chips. Asus will take on support for NUC systems and create its own Asus NUC business unit. As the license for NUC is non-exclusive, we may even see Intel license out NUC to other PC manufacturers in the future.

Either way, many in the PC building and gaming communities will be happy to hear that the NUC isn’t being discontinued after all. While Intel’s NUC computers have always been hard to buy, they’ve played an important part in the awareness of small form factor PCs and offered up a way for many to get started building a miniature computer.

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