How many times has Ariana Grande been engaged?

Ariana Grande has few genuine competitors when it comes to star power.

Sure, she can’t quite live up to the might that is Beyoncé, but Grande’s fanbase certainly competes with — or vastly surpasses — the majority of her star-studded competition. Years of releasing a string of hits established her as one of the greats of the musical world, and — as such — her fans watch Grande’s every move with unshakable focus.

This led them to unearth hints of Grande’s impending separation from short-lived husband Dalton Gomez early on, and what started as rumors were soon confirmed as fact. It seems that Grande and Gomez have actually been separated for a few months, if reports are to be believed, and their divorce is likely right around the corner.

The sad news is prompting a reexamination of Grande’s dating history. She’s enjoyed flings with plenty of high-profile people over the years, including SNL‘s Pete Davidson and rapper Mac Miller, but she’s only been engaged a few times. Even then, only one engagement ever led to marriage, and that marriage didn’t last long. After only two years, Grande and Gomez’s impending divorce might just prove how difficult it is to manage a high-profile career and a relationship at the same time.

Ariana Grande’s engagements

In total, Grande has actually only been engaged twice. The amount of scrutiny cast on her life — and, in particular, love life — often leads people to assume the star’s dating history contains more drama, but such is honestly not the case. She’s been linked up to several big names, like the aforementioned Mac Miller, who she dated for a full two years, but Grande was never engaged to Miller, Big Sean, or Graham Phillips.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

She was, however, engaged to Pete Davidson. Grande met Davidson back in 2014, when the former served as musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Her appearance reportedly coincided with Davidson’s first night on the program, which makes their meeting particularly kismet. They didn’t start dating until several years later, in 2018, and the pair enjoyed a whirlwind romance that ended less than a year later.

Within a month of their first date, Davidson and Grande were engaged to be married. They remained engaged from June to October of 2018, before splitting on October 17. Their breakup is partially attributed to the tragic death of Mac Miller, Grande’s former paramour, by accidental overdose in early September. Davidson seemed to realize the end was coming, but stood by Grande until the singer was ready to call it quits.

Dalton Gomez

That brings us to Grande’s latest engagement, and this one actually resulted in a marriage. Grande got engaged to her second fiancé, Dalton Gomez, in December of 2020. They’d been dating for around a year when Grande announced news of their engagement, much of which was below the radar, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gomez boasts a far lower-profile life than Grande — or, indeed, any of her previous paramours. A luxury estate agent in California, Gomez and Grande’s relationship was formed in the fires of the pandemic, during which they largely isolated together. As such — after months of spending almost all of their time together — it was no surprise when they announced their engagement around 11 months after their relationship began.

Gomez and Grande tied the knot in May of 2021, and shared a two-year marriage before news of their separation broke in July of 2023. They’ve reportedly been separated since January, and divorce is looming over the pair, but there’s sure to be plenty more love in Grande’s future.

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