Here's Why Sophia Bush Had To End Her Run in '2:22' Play In London's West End

Sophia Bush had to cut her run in 2:22 on London’s West End a bit early.

The actress, who starred as Lauren in the thriller, had to bow out of the production over a medical issue.

Sophia took to Instagram and went into detail about why she was ending her run earlier than expected.

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Sophia explained that she and most of the rest of the cast were “hit with a virus” last month, and while many had recovered, she had not.

“I’m gutted that it’s come to an end,” she wrote in her caption. “After weeks of being intermittently pulled off stage & visiting multiple doctors, specialists, & an all nighter in the ER, I’ve been advised by my medical team in London & America to stop performing in order to get this under control & to do so in the country where I reside under the care of my own doctors.”

Sophia continued on, writing that she was “crushed to not be able to finish my run, to have to leave my incredible cast mates & company & to miss the nights on stage with our audiences.”

“It’s been a pleasure to perform for you all on your most special occasions,” she told her fans. “I’ve loved reading your messages about birthdays & anniversaries spent with us & I wish I could do more. I’m not one who ever leaves early. It’s devastating to say goodbye to an experience that’s been so incredibly fulfilling, both artistically & personally. Being a part of this company put me back in my body and in my soul. I was reminded, on a cellular level, of why I do this job & how much I love acting. I crossed an ocean to come home to myself.”

She also gave a shout out to her cast mates, “@jaimewinstone @rickychamp2 @cliffordsamuel you are alchemists, healers, confidants, & just the most fun & talented people I know. It’s been a privilege. I feel the same about Andie, Philip, Tan, Lottie, James, and every other member of our incredible company who became fast family. You all have been so supportive through this. I will never be able to express enough gratitude for your care. From ensuring I made it through shows once things got dicey with everything from medicine to flat sodas hidden backstage — even packing my feverish body in ice packs from head to toe on more than one night — you made it less terrifying to be struggling thousands of miles from my home & my family…”

“To all of the fans who came along, thank you. You made my Lauren journey feel like a party. A wild, joyous, invigorating rush, night after night. I loved making you scream, and making you laugh, and hearing your stories at the stage door. It means the world to me that so many of you traveled to see the show. If you’re booked for future nights, please go support my incredible costars. They will blow you away! I know Frankie Bridge will be incredible through the rest of this run,” Sophia continued.

She then added on a hopeful note, “I’m sad. Happy. Immensely grateful. There is no greater creative experience than the stage. I miss it madly. I love it deeply. I cannot wait for the next one ♥️.”

Sophia is still doing a podcast with her costars from One Tree Hill. Here’s the latest…

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