Here Is Dominic Fike’s ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun Tour’ Setlist

Dominic Fike is currently taking stages for his Don’t Stare At The Sun Tour. The Euphoria star just shared his sophomore album Sunburn (whose only feature is, rather unpredictably, Weezer.)

The tour kicked off last week in Indianapolis on July 13 and has since stopped by Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It will hit New York City tomorrow, July 19. The setlist so far has been full of tracks from his new record. The show begins with the album opener “How Much Is Weed?” and has other songs like “Mama’s Boy,” “Ant Pile,” and “Mona Lisa,” which were originally singles.

The shows even contain a cover of Paul McCartney’s “The Kiss of Venus” as well, which Fike also performed on The Late Late Show in 2021. He was also a guest on The Beatles member’s McCartney III Imagined project that year, along with Phoebe Bridgers, Beck, Khruangbin, Damon Albarn, and more.

Check out the setlist from his Philadelphia show, according to

1. “How Much Is Weed?”
2. “Mama’s Boy”
3. “Ant Pile”
4. “Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)”
5. “The Kiss of Venus” (Paul McCartney cover)
6. “Sick”
7. “Westcoast Collective”
8. “3 Nights”
9. “Superstar Sh*t”
10. “Sunburn”
11. “Come Here”
12. “Babydoll”
13. “Pasture Child”
14. “Frisky”
15. “Think Fast”
16. “7 Hours”
17. “Bodies”
18. “Mona Lisa”
19. “Phone Numbers”
20. “Why”
21. “Wurli”

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