EXCLUSIVE! Miranda Lambert Fan Who Was Called Out For Taking Selfie Has A Message For The Singer: ‘Go See A Therapist’

A Miranda Lambert fan is firing back after the country singer reprimanded her for taking a picture during her concert!

If you somehow missed it, on Saturday, the Hell on Heels singer was performing at the Bakkt Theatre inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, when she suddenly stopped the whole production to zero in on a group of front row fans. Why, you may ask? Well, because they were simply snapping some pics, as many excited concertgoers do. The country singer disapprovingly confronted them and said to the entire audience:

“I’m gonna stop right here for a sec. These girls are worried about a selfie and not listening to the song, and it’s pissing me off a little bit.”

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Watch the full interaction (below):


It’s clear how Miranda felt about the situation, but now, the confronted concertgoer herself is speaking out.

Adela Calin tells PerezHilton.com EXCLUSIVELY that the whole situation is a case of “unfortunate timing.” The social media influencer and five of her friends thought they were in for a “girls night” of the ages when they got their front row tickets for Miranda’s Saturday night show, but as we all know, things went south pretty quickly. Apparently, they had planned on snapping a group pic before the concert even began, but had to hold off because the lighting “was not good.” Adela explained:

“We wanted to take a group picture before the concert started, but the light in the theater was not good. We kept having weird purple shades on our faces [and] chests. So we thought, you know, the satellite stage is right almost next to us. At some point, Miranda Lambert is going to be on that stage. We can take a group picture then.”

In theory, that makes sense… But playing devil’s advocate, we thought we’d ask why Adela and her friends didn’t wait for a more high-energy song to take their opportunity. However, the Miranda fan says things just all happened so fast:

“It was a bit of an unfortunate timing there. We started to get up to take that group picture right before [the previous song ended], and it got dark. We were like, ‘Oh, hold on. Let’s wait until the next song starts.’ And then we quickly lined up. But then she stopped the song right there, but she stopped it as we were just about to sit down again. So everything went so quickly.”

From there, we all know what happened… At least from Miranda’s POV. The Kerosene singer took it from the top, and carried on with her night… But for the targeted concertgoers, the following moments were “awful.” Adela explained:

“The first couple of moments, it felt awful, because the last time I was told to sit down, it was when I was in school. Me and my friends did something [that] annoyed the teacher and the teacher [told us], ‘Sit down, sit down.’”

Ugh, what a weird way to be made to feel as a full grown adult! However, the Las Vegas resident still tried to make the best of the situation:

“I felt embarrassed those first couple of moments. Then I thought, you know what? I don’t care. The performer is having a bad time. I’m here to have a good time, so I tried to make the best of it.”

And sadly, for her friends, it was all just too much:

“Two of my friends got up and left. Two of my other friends, they said politely, ‘We’re going to the ladies room.’ So for the rest of the concert, it was just me and another friend who kind of tried to brush it off.”

Kudos to them for trying to make lemonade out of lemons! But that doesn’t mean that Adela is gonna hold back, either!

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We asked the fan if she had any messages for the Grammy winner, and she didn’t hold back:

“It seems that you sometimes get triggered in a negative way when someone in the audience takes pictures, so you have two options: one, just say, ‘Please don’t take pictures right now. This is a special moment. No pictures, let’s just enjoy music.’”

Fair enough! Plenty of artists are known to give their fans similar messages! But just wait for Adela’s second option for the Gunpowder & Lead singer:

“Or maybe go see a therapist to see what triggers that.”


Might not be the worst thing in the world… Therapy can be beneficial for anyone! Tbh, everyone should go!

While some may claim the girl group was being distracting, and that’s what lead to Miranda’s intervention, Adela begs to differ:

“There were hundreds and hundreds of videos and pictures taken during the concert.”

As for if she’d ever go back to see Miranda live again — even with FREE tickets — Adela had a simple message:

“I would give them to friends. What’s the point?”

Watch the full EXCLUSIVE interview (below):

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