‘Don’t you dare call me a liar’: Airport staff win unanimous support after shutting down irate passengers clearly in the wrong

An airline taking off from London’s Heathrow has experienced some trouble with an embittered passenger. The middle-aged woman, who arrived late to the boarding gate, wound up missing her flight. When an airline worker attempted to explain that regulations won’t allow passengers to board after the allotted time, an altercation occurred in which the woman verbally attacked the gate agent.

In similar fashion to Marvel’s Team Iron Man and Team Captain America debate, the original content creator who uploaded the video (below), posed the question of Team Lady or Team Airline to the comment section. Thankfully, with one small step for TikTok and one giant leap for humanity, fellow TikTokers rallied together in full support of the airline worker.

During the exchange, the gate agent explains that they aren’t permitted to allow passengers through security at a certain time. The woman responds by attempting to convince the worker that they arrived on time. The latter replies, “No you weren’t, you’re still here,” motioning to their place in an overflowing line.

The passenger doesn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer, so she raises her voice for the next reply: “Oh my god, we were. Don’t you dare call me a liar. That’s not true.”

In a display of solidarity, the comments took the side of the gate agent. Some TikTok users merely wrote “Team Airline,” whereas others said, “You weren’t at the gate by the cutoff time. We aren’t sitting around waiting for you,” or simply, “Team worker. Always.”

There’s a moral grey area here, but it does seem fairly obvious who’s right and who’s wrong.

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