Doja Cat’s Instagram following plummets by over 200K followers in wake of Threads backlash

The malicious compliance continues as Doja Cat‘s followers drastically decline on social media after she criticised her fans for, well, being her fans. Despite announcing an upcoming tour, she mocked and argued with those who’ve supported her throughout her music career.

Data on Social Blade (initially reported on by PopCrave‘s Twitter account) reveals Doja Cat’s social media accounts have been on a downward trajectory for quite some time, with a reported daily average loss of 9,999 followers on Instagram. There was a spike on Monday, where she lost over 153,000 followers. The site estimated that over the past 30 days, Doja Cat has lost nearly 300,000 followers in total.

Screengrab via Social Blade

The same can be said for her Twitter account. Just like her Instagram, there was a spike on Monday, where she only lost over 10,000 followers. While it wasn’t as big, it did make a dent in the rapper’s follower count.

Screengrab via Social Blade

Doja Cat has faced backlash after she criticised her fans for supporting her, whilst simultaneously making a major announcement. She first mocked her fans for enjoying her music, claiming they were “cash grabs,” then announced a brand new album. Recently, she argued with fans on Threads and told them to “get a job” if they call themselves “kittens.” She also claimed that she “doesn’t love them” because she doesn’t know them, then proceeded to deactivate her Threads account. The rapper has a history of making fans mad, to the point where she once threatened to quit her career back in 2022.

Hopefully, her social media statistics do not affect her upcoming “Scarlet Tour” in October, even if tickets are now being sold in Ticketmaster’s verified resale market.

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