Cillian Murphy’s Wife: All About His Relationship With Yvonne McGuinness

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  • Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor known for his roles in Peaky Blinders, 28 Days Later, and 2023’s Oppenheimer.
  • Since 2004, he’s been married to Yvonne McGuiness, an Irish visual artist.
  • She and Cillian are proud parents to two boys.

“I have an amazing wife, and I couldn’t do this without her and her understanding,” Cillian Murphy told GQ in 2019. That wife is none other than Yvonne McGuiness, the creative artist who has been his better half since 2004. Though Cillian married Yvonne in 2004, the two knew each other for nearly a decade before that. Since walking down the aisle, they welcomed two sons: Malachy Murphy in 2005 and Aran Murphy in 2007.

Though Cillian experienced his breakthrough in 2002 with 28 Days Later and playing Dr. Crane/Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, he gained greater international acclaim thanks to his role as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. In 2023, Cillian became the subject of Oscar buzz for his role in Nolan’s biographical epic Oppenheimer.

“There’s a quality of life thing about all this, too,” Cillian told The Guardian in 2006. “I don’t believe in the need to be a tortured artist in order to do great work. I just want to challenge myself with each role and not repeat myself. I really don’t think you have to be rolling around in pain to do that. I want to enjoy my family, too, and have a regular, rewarding life. You often feel that gets lost in the equation somewhere along the line.”

As Cillian enjoys the spotlight and his family life, get to know more about his wife, Yvonne McGuiness.

Who Is Cillian Murphy’s Wife?

Yvonne McGuiness (b. Oct. 12, 1972) is a visual artist. She got her master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London, and her website says she makes installations that use” “film, performance, sculptural and textile elements, sound, and writing” (h/t Elle).

Cillian, Yvonne, and their two boys (SI1/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

Cillian and Yvonne have kept their relationship out of the public eye, mainly to allow them a work-life balance. Maintaining that separation of their personal and professional lives has been “hard,” Murphy told The Guardian in 2006. “It is a struggle. I think it is for any dad whose work takes him away, which it generally does, and which consumes him, which my work does.”

“I make sure that I try not to go from job to job to job because that means you live in a bubble of set, hotel, set, hotel, plane, film festivals—which, to me, is not reality,” he added. “So I just check out from that for six months a year.”

When Did Cillian Murphy First Meet His Wife?

Cillian and Yvonne first met in 1996 when he was a law student at University College Cork (h/t Pop Sugar). During his spare time, Cillian played in a rock band, and Yvonne came to one of his gigs.

Around that time, his acting career was starting to take off. He starred in Disco Pigs, a play about two teens that went out on a night in Cork. The show was a success, and they went on an 18-month tour that took them throughout Europe, Australia, and North America.

Cillian, Yvonne, and their two boys (SI1/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

“It was like being in a band again. Except that people actually came to the shows,” he told The Guardian in 2016. “That time, making Disco Pigs, was kind of the most important period of my life. The people I met there remain my closest friends. Enda Walsh. Pat Kiernan [its director]. Eileen Walsh [his co-star]. They shaped me in terms of my tastes, in terms of what I wanted to do with my life. And it was around the same time I met my wife. She came on tour with us. It was so exciting, 20 years ago or whatever it was – we were all just kids, trying to find our way – but such a special, special time.”

Do Cillian Murphy And Yvonne McGuiness Have Any Kids?

Cillian and Yvonne have two boys: Malachy and Aran Murphy. The youngest boy, Aran, followed in his father’s footsteps by starring in a 2019 production of “Hamnet” as William Shakespeare’s son.

He was so chilled about it, you know? He would come off stage and ask what the score was in the Liverpool game. And, again, you’re slightly jealous of that!” Cillian told The Guardian in 2021. “There’s the danger that overanalyzing everything can erode the simplicity.”

“Most of what I do is highly unsuitable for [my kids]. They are suitably underwhelmed by my work. I’m trying to keep them in that state because it’s such a silly industry,” he told The Evening Standard in 2017.

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