Bryan Kohberger's Lawyers Claim He Has An ALIBI For Idaho Murders!

Could Bryan Kohberger have an alibi for the night when four gruesome murders occurred late last year just off the campus of the University of Idaho?

That’s what his lawyers are suggesting in a new court filing, at least. Based on these new claims — with their suggestion that Kohberger has an airtight alibi for the night of November 13 — this shocking case just got a LOT more complicated.

On Tuesday, Kohberger’s defense attorneys filed a new document with the court in Latah County, Idaho claiming they have information regarding an alibi for the accused killer!

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Of course, the now-former graduate student has been charged with the murders of four college students: Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20. They were all stabbed to death at an off-campus house on King Road in the city of Moscow, Idaho last November.

But attorney Anne Taylor, head of the public defender’s office, indicated in this week’s new court filing that her client was elsewhere when the murders occurred. In the filing, obtained by CNN and others on Tuesday afternoon, Taylor wrote:

“Evidence corroborating Mr. Kohberger being at a location other than the King Road address will be disclosed pursuant to discovery and evidentiary rules as well as statutory requirements.”

Interestingly, the newly-filed doc does not offer Kohberger’s supposed actual location on that fateful night. That will theoretically come later on — but before his trial, which is set for this October. Due to the rules of discovery, they have to tell the prosecution beforehand. Now whether that will leak to the public before the actual trial is another story…

For now, per Tuesday’s filing, Taylor was clear to explain that Kohberger “stands firm” on both his constitutional “right to silence,” which he has already exercised in one form, and his right to “testify on his own behalf.”

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Taylor’s Tuesday morning update to the courts went on to add her client is preparing an “alibi defense” against the quadruple-murder accusations against him:

“A defendant’s denial of the charges against him does not constitute an alibi, but as soon as he offers evidence that he was at some place other than where the crime of which he is charged was committed, he is raising the alibi defense. It is anticipated this evidence may be offered by way of cross-examination of witnesses produced by the State as well as calling expert witnesses.”

Well, it’ll be interesting to see how that “alibi defense” comes together in the next few months. Everything we’ve heard from the warrants that have gone public is that Kohberger can be put in the immediate area thanks to his car being caught on camera. Where else will he say he was?? Hmm…

There is no indication yet of what Taylor may argue on behalf of her infamous client, who was a criminology student at nearby Washington State University before his arrest. Last month, in a separate filing, the defense claimed Kohberger’s DNA was far from the only specimen found at the crime scene in an attempt to cast doubt on the case brought forth by the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office. And in another filing from way back in April, she claimed one of the King Road home’s surviving roommates could go so far as to clear Kohberger.

As for the prosecution, prior court docs have indicated they will seek the death penalty. Kohberger is currently being held in jail without bail as he awaits future court dates and that aforementioned trial scheduled for later this year.

Here’s more on Tuesday’s shocking alibi filing:


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