Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon Sets Theatrical Dates for 50th Anniversary Screenings

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee‘s Enter the Dragon, Warner Bros. Pictures has partnered with Fathom Events for upcoming special screenings of the classic martial arts film. The 1973 Kung Fu classic will return to theaters on Sunday, August 13 and Wednesday, August 16, which will include an exclusive introduction by film critic and historian Leonard Maltin. Moviegoers can now purchase tickets for the Enter the Dragon screenings via the Fathom Events Website or at participating theater box offices.

During the Fathom screenings, Maltin will discuss the seminal martial arts masterpiece’s unprecedented legacy, which made history as the first Kung Fu action film produced by a Hollywood studio. He will also highlight its meticulous fight sequences that continue to influence the genre to this day.

What is Enter the Dragon about?

“Recruited by an intelligence agency, martial arts student Lee (Fists of Fury) participates in a brutal tournament at a remote island fortress in an attempt to gather enough evidence to convict the international drug trafficker responsible for the murder of Lee’s sister,” reads the synopsis. “In the now-classic fight-to-the-death finish, two men enter a mirrored maze, but only one will exit…”

Enter the Dragon was directed by Robert Clouse from a screenplay written by Michael Allin. Considered as one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, the film’s success cemented Bruce Lee’s legacy. However, a month before the film’s theatrical release, the legendary action star passed away at the age of 32 due to cerebral edema.

The film also starred John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri, and Bob Wall. Before becoming martial arts superstars, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan both had uncredited appearances in the movie.

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