Ben Shapiro Got Dragged For Being So Triggered By ‘Barbie’ That He Recorded A 43-Minute Video Raging Against It

Barbie, Academy Award-nominated director Greta Gerwig’s follow-up to her prized take on Little Women, may be making a ridiculous amount of money. But not everyone’s pleased. The far right sure aren’t. People like Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz’s wife are up in arms over it, for various wacko reasons. Was Ben Shapiro, one of the most dunkable figures in today’s GOP, ever going to like a movie in which a sentient doll takes down the patriarchy? Probably not. But after seeing it, he was so over-the-top in his ire that people couldn’t help laughing at him.

On Friday, as Barbie was having the biggest opening day of any 2023 film release thus far — and Oppenheimer wasn’t doing so bad either — Shapiro posted a picture of himself inside a multiplex, looking grumpy.

“My producers dragged me to see ‘Barbie’ and it was one of the most woke movies I have ever seen,” Shapiro tweeted. He promised a “full review of this flaming garbage heap of a film” would drop on his YouTube channel the following morning. And indeed one did.

It begins with Shapiro setting fire to a Barbie doll.

While Shapiro praised the film’s eye-popping and exceedingly pink production design and costumes, the rest of his comments weren’t so kind. He called Gerwig and her co-writer/real-life partner Noah Baumbach “smug and self-satisfied,” and that they couldn’t decide if they hated or loved their main character, played by a predictably game Margot Robbie.

Not everyone bothered to watch the full video, which runs three-quarters of an hour. But there were still jokes to be had. Some noticed that in his initial anti-Barbie tweet, he had the same black-on-black attire as Ryan Gosling’s Ken does during his big song.

There were plenty of miscellaneous drags where that came from.

Alas, spending nearly an hour trashing a movie about a doll line wasn’t his dumbest idea this past week. That honor goes to his short-sighted take on climate change, in which he claimed air conditioners will save us from rising temperatures and ever-increasing destructive storms.

There is one silver lining to the far right having a conniption over Barbie: It will inspire even more people to go see it.

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