‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Miranda & Steve Have A Brutal Fight & Carrie Reaches Out To Aidan

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Carrie gets a full dose of the influencer era when she’s interviewed by a young influencer about her book. It’s clear from the jump that the girl never read Carrie’s book. Carrie lets her laptop break just to get out of this Zoom.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (Max)

Lily declares she’s ready to lose her virginity to her friend Blake. Charlotte, Harry, and Anthony are understandably taken aback by the announcement. Charlotte can’t resist following up with Lily. Charlotte wants to be supportive, and Lily assures her mom that she’s ready for this next step.

Carrie’s already looking ahead to the summer while in the midst of winter. She happily accepts an invitation to share a summer house in The Hamptons with Seema.

Miranda and Che’s relationship is still unable to get on stable ground. When Miranda wants to snuggle, Che’s not feeling it. But Che quickly starts recording Cameos from bed. Che tells Miranda that these videos are the only way they can make money right now after the pilot failed.

Miranda tells Che that they’ve been moping around the apartment for weeks. It’s time to move on. Che accuses Miranda of making them feel bad about themselves. Miranda gets up to leave. She doesn’t just want the sad parts of Che that they can’t show anyone else. Miranda deserves some of the light, too.

Carrie’s agent wants her to do an event she’s dubbed “WidowCon.” Carrie crosses paths with Karen, her old writing partner, who is now the event coordinator for WidowCon. Carrie calls Che and begs them to join her at WidowCon. Che reluctantly agrees to tag along.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes. (Max)

During a dinner between Nya, Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda, the subject of divorce comes up. Miranda admits that she’s waiting for Steve to approach the subject. Carrie doesn’t think that’s such a good idea after Steve told her months ago that he’d never take his wedding ring off.

Carrie tells the group that she has “more baggage with Karen than with Aidan.” This prompts Nya to ask about Aidan. Carrie says they’ve had no contact in years, but she’s kept tabs on him. He’s living in Virginia and got divorced 5 years ago. He also made a pretty penny selling his furniture company to West Elm.

Following dinner, Carrie writes up a friendly email to Aidan and asks how she’s doing. After typing it up, she hears a dog bark. Maybe that’s a sign? Remember Petey?! However, Carrie doesn’t send the email initially.

A massive blizzard comes down on New York City on the day of WidowCon. Che’s hoping they can cancel, but Carrie knows she can’t do that to her old writing partner. Carrie pleads with Che to join her despite the bomb cyclone. Meanwhile, Lisa trudges through the snow to make her event at MoMA.

Lily believes this snow day is the perfect day to lose her virginity. While Charlotte, Harry, and Rock are watching Edward Scissorhands, Lily calls Charlotte and asks her to bring over some condoms. Charlotte flies into action and heads out into the blizzard to get her daughter protection. Charlotte is able to get her hands on some rubbers and runs them over to Charlotte. Lily gives her mom a sweet hug in return.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis, Evan Chandler, and Alexa Swinton in season 2. (Max)

Carrie’s speech at WidowCon starts off a little awkward, but once she starts reading from her book, everything is smooth sailing. While Lisa is speaking at her event, Herbert shows up to support her despite his own event. Couple goals!

Steve and Miranda finally have an honest discussion about their relationship. It’s brutal. Steve tells Miranda that he’s not moving out. He lied to the therapist. Miranda says they can’t keep living like this.

“This is my house,” Steve declares. Miranda reminds him that this house is in her name. “I did everything here!” Steve yells. “You never wanted to come here to Brooklyn. You never wanted me. And you never even wanted Brady.” He screams at her to get out. Miranda bursts into tears and tries to leave. Immediately, Steve regrets what he said to Miranda and pleads with her not to leave like this.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Carrie Bradshaw takes on a blizzard. (Max)

Steve and Miranda are lying in bed together when she confesses, “I hate that I hurt you so much.” Suddenly, Miranda spots a condom wrapper on the nightstand and freaks out. All this time she’s been thinking Steve has been incapable of moving on. Steve tells her that he never said he was a victim. Now that they’re both moving on, Miranda announces she’ll start drawing up the divorce papers.

Miranda heads to Che’s place and comes in huffing and puffing over the Steve situation. Miranda’s night goes from bad to worse when Che believes it’s time for them to break up.

While Miranda’s love life is coming to a halt, Carrie’s may just be blooming again. Carrie sends the Aidan email, bringing her past directly into her present.

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