AMC Theatres Ditches Tiered Seat Pricing

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AMC Theatres has abandoned its plans for tiered pricing on cinema seats, an initiative it initially dubbed ‘Sightline’.

Announced in February, the exhibitors plan involved charging higher prices for the best seats in each cinema and lower prices for seats at the very front of the auditoriums – something more akin to a concert or play than a film.

After running a pilot program of the movie, the company said today it will end that pilot program in the coming weeks and is pivoting away from it “to ensure its ticket prices stay competitive.”

Cinemas have long offered cheaper tickets for matinees or other sessions but have typically avoided charging different prices within auditoriums.

It will replace that program with a while new program that will instead upgrade the seats at the front of each auditorium to turn these least desired seats into something better.

Large, comfortable lounge-style seating areas will be installed at the very front to allow guests to lay all the way back and relax, as well as improve viewing angles from that perspective. Pricing was not announced for the new seats.

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