All the Times ‘And Just Like That’ References Bravo, From Bethenny Frankel to Padma Lakshmi

Another episode of “And Just Like That,” another Bravo reference!

After name dropping Bravo talent twice earlier this season, Seema (Sarita Choudhury) literally said “Bravo TV” in the sixth episode of Season 2, titled “Bomb Cyclone.”

Seema and her new BFF Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) were shopping in an Apple store when Seema invited Carrie to share a house in the Hamptons.

“‘I have never asked another single woman to share another summer house,” Seema said. “It’s just too tragic. Too Bravo TV.”

“Are you proposing we go to the Hamptons together?” Carrie asks.

“I can’t spend another weekend sharing a room with a married friend’s kid’s surfboard. But you and me, with our own two bed-three bath on the beach. Fun, fabulous, not tragic at all.”

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in 'And Just Like That' (Photo Credit: Max)

“Summer House,” of course, is the title of Bravo’s long-running unscripted series where a group of young Manhattan friends party in the popular getaway destination.

As mentioned above, it’s not the only time Bravo has been mentioned on the Max “Sex and the City” spin-off series. Seema must be a Bravo fan, as she’s name dropped two other Bravolebrities so far.

In the fifth episode, Seema bemoans that guests at a Halloween costume party assume she was dressed as “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi (both women are of South Asian descent).

“If one more foodie asks if I’m supposed to be Padma Lakshmi, I will file a class-action lawsuit,” she complained.

And back in the second episode, Seema took a jab at former Bravo star Bethenny Frankel in another Hamptons reference.

“I almost rented a house in the Hamptons six times, but I always find a reason not to,” Carrie explained.

“Is that reason always Bethenny Frankel?” Seema cattily replied.

“Haha,” Carrie laughed, seemingly confirming.

It seems Frankel, a former star of “The Real Housewives of New York” and part-time Hamptons resident, got the last laugh, posting a response on Instagram that read: “When you’re off TV for years … and just like that … catty housewives are still talking about you.”


Of course, it’s well known that Parker and Bravo executive Andy Cohen are good friends in real life and attend the Met Gala together each year, so these references may be a fun inside joke.

Cohen himself actually appeared twice in “And Just Like That” predecessor “Sex and the City,” first playing a patron at a gay bar in the Episode 14 of Season 4 entitled “All the Glitters.”

And then in Episode 14 of Season 6, he played a shoe salesman opposite his real-life BFF. which you can watch below.

New episodes of “And Just Like That” air Thursdays on Max.

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