A Newsmax Host Says She’ll See ‘Barbie’ Despite Right-Wing Outrage Because She’s Exhausted From ‘Boycotting So Many Things’

The latest right-wing freakout — over Barbie, of all things — caused a Newsmax host to snap on camera and flat out admit that she’s tired of boycotting seemingly every single thing that makes her fellow conservatives mad. It’s too many things!

During Thursday night’s episode of Chris Plante’s The Right Squad, Mercedes Schlapp started to weigh in on the Barbie controversy, which has evolved from complaints that the film promotes communist propaganda to accusations of being anti-men. Right out of the gate, Schlapp tipped her hand that she’s always been open to Barbie being smarter than Ken, but when she tried to parrot Ginger Gaetz’s criticism of the film, Schlapp just couldn’t do it.

“I gotta say I have to laugh at the Ken scene because I always did, when I was a young girl, I thought that Barbie was a lot smarter than Ken. You know what I mean?” Schlapp said. “I’m gonna take a page from Ginger Gaetz, Matt Gaetz’s wife who’s basically says, ‘Don’t go watch the movie because– when I was growing up about Barbie was about feminine empowerment, it was about limitless opportunities.’”

However, that’s when Schlapp broke and flat-out admitted that, screw it, she’s taking her daughters to see Barbie.

“I will say, I think it seems like it’s gonna be a fun movie,” Schlapp said. “I think for my girls who don’t really play with Barbies. They really didn’t even when they were younger. If they want to go see it, why not?”

With the truth out in the open, a clearly exhausted Schlapp threw the whole right-wing outrage machine under the bus.

“I just think at this point I’m boycotting so many things, I’m running out of things to boycott,” she said.

(Via Jason S. Campbell on Twitter)

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