3 Reasons To Tune In To Tonight’s Premiere Of “Not Others”

Upcoming comedy drama “Not Others ” has got viewers anticipating its premiere!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Not Others” is a comedy drama that tells the delightful cohabitation story of a clumsy mother and her coolheaded daughter. Jeon Hye Jin will star as Eun Mi, a bubbly physical therapist and single mother with a 29-year-old daughter. Sooyoung will play Eun Mi’s daughter Jin Hee, a police station patrol team leader who urgently needs to crack down on her mother rather than on her cases.

With the drama’s first episode airing tonight, here are three things to keep an eye out for in the upcoming premiere:

A mother-daughter relationship that has never been seen before

Viewers can look forward to the realistic depiction of a modern family. Unlike other drama mother characters that showcase deep maternal love, Kim Jin Hee’s mother Kim Eun Mi lives worrying only about herself. This resulted in Kim Jin Hee, who has been living as the guardian, butler, and friend of her immature mother, wanting to keep a reasonable distance from her mother. While the relationship between Eun Mi and her daughter isn’t exactly overflowing with love and affection, their story is expected to resonate deeply with viewers.

The great synergy between the cast members

Another reason to look forward to “Not Others” is the synergy between its cast members including trusted actors Jeon Hye Jin, Sooyoung, Ahn Jae Wook, and Park Sung Hoon.

Jeon Hye Jin is expected to perfectly portray the character of Kim Eun Mi with her passionate performance and unique charisma, while Choi Soo Young will perfectly immerse into the character of Kim Jin Hee with her bold and cool energy.

Ahn Jae Wook, who plays otolaryngologist Park Jin Hong will add fun to the drama by portraying a thrilling romance with Jeon Hye Jin, while Park Sung Hoon, who plays police director Eun Jae Won will perfectly portray the romance between his character and Sooyoung’s character Kim Jin Hee.

The highly anticipated drama adaptation of a popular webtoon

Having accumulated over 25 million views and won Today’s Our Manhwa Award (Korea’s leading comic award), the original webtoon has a solid fan base. As such, many fans of the webtoon are looking forward to the drama adaptation. Even before the drama’s premiere, there has been a lot of discussions about the drama on various online communities with people sharing how much they are looking forward to the drama adaptation “Not Others.”

“Not Others” will premiere on July 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

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