‘Such a sad pathetic man’: Donald Trump’s hold on sanity slips as his mindless MAGA plan backfires SuperNayr

Honestly, at this point, I want answers – is going batshit crazy Donald Trump’s go-to response every time his nefarious schemes don’t bear fruit or is it the back-to-back failures that have severely compromised his ability to be sane? 

Whatever it is, it is only escalating, and at this rate, his winning or losing the election probably won’t have an effect on how he reacts.

You see, Trump and his lackeys started the Easter weekend by dragging President Joe Biden through the mud, attempting to question his faith and his loyalty to the people of America by claiming he deliberately gave the Transgender Day of Visibility the fixed date of March 31 despite knowing that Easter falls on the same date this year. Fingers (drenched in the usual MAGA-style of hoping to cause chaos) were also pointed at him for supposedly “banning” the use of religious symbols on Easter.

Sadly, unlike the brain-washed MAGA, the rest of the population isn’t allergic to logic and facts, which really left little room for the deranged accusations to achieve their agenda as they were systematically dismantled and shot down.

So, what did Trump do in retaliation while Biden attended the church with his family? Well, he had been building up to his final explosion all day – after posting more than 70 hateful, rage-filled, and narcissistic posts all day on Truth Social, his hatred culminated in an all-caps scream post that did everything but convey any heartfelt or remotely positive wishes on Easter.

Donald Trump Easter
Screengrab via Truth Social/@realDonaldTrump

Only Trump could make Easter all about himself and as expected, his unhinged activities throughout the day have gone amiss.

Well, while there is no finding any ray of hope with Trump, let’s try looking at the somewhat suspiciously grey-shaded bright side – he is still a “narcissistic egoistical loon” but at least, unlike last year when he was still nursing his “first-indicted ex-president title,” he is not calling for an all-out war.

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