“Star Trek: Prodigy” S2 Releases In France SuperNayr


In a major surprise, all twenty episodes of the second season of the animated series “Star Trek: Prodigy” have suddenly been made available in France thanks to broadcaster France Televisions.

According to TrekCentral it seems France.TV, the online streaming service for the national public broadcaster, has released the entirety of the second season all at once and without any prior warning or announcement.

This has led to questions online as to how this happened. Paramount+ unexpectedly canceled the series in June last year – even as a second season had almost finished production and was completed shortly after.

It took numerous fan campaigns and social media protests but ultimately Netflix picked up both completed seasons in October 2023. The streamer has confirmed the twenty episode second season will arrive this year but hasn’t set a specific date as yet.

Today’s unexpected release in France has many wondering if this a mistake, or is this the result of a specific licensing deal with that country and distributor. Either way, spoilers for the new season are already flooding online along with a lot of people calling for fans to wait for the official release and support the creators.

Whether intentional or not, it’s not clear if Netflix will shift its release strategy for the new season in the wake of this.

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