Snyder Already Has “Rebel Moon 3” Plans SuperNayr


With the second part of filmmaker Zack Snyder’s sci-fi saga “Rebel Moon” hitting the streamer this week, the director has been out tubthumping the release and discussing where the films go from here.

The first part of his saga launched back in December to some downright nasty reviews, whilst viewership numbers were good but far from great – the ninth best debut for a Netflix original film in 2023.

The second part isn’t expected to be much better, but part of the problem is quite a few people are waiting for the longer R-rated cuts of the movies to arrive. Either way he’s not letting the bad reception stop him.

Speaking with Forbes, he says his producing partners and writers are already planning a third movie to see where it all goes:

“We have definitely been working on a ‘Part Three,’ as far as the story goes. We definitely know where we’re all headed – we’ve known that for quite a while, to be honest. So yeah, I’m excited to make some more Rebel Moon movies – that would be fun.”

As for how those R-rated director’s cuts are going, Snyder says “we don’t have a hard date, but probably sometime in August, I would say”.

Speaking with Unilad he adds that the director’s cut is so different as to effectively be another film:

“The way I like to talk about it is that I think the two cuts that are coming are almost like alternative universe cuts more than an extended version. Like we call it the Director’s Cut. But they’re just like another movie.

We planned it while we were shooting, you know, we actually photographed the actors saying different dialogue. We knew that we were almost doing a foreign language version. You know, you actually knew as we were filming, like, okay, that’s for the R rated.

The tone of the film changes tremendously, because it’s more over the top in like, and purposely over the top [in terms of] the sex and violence. It actually colors the movie, as it becomes more of a, I don’t wanna say like a parody, but it’s more self aware, you know, because the violence is so insane, that you’re now like, oh, like it, this is the thing that’s, that shouldn’t exist in the sci fi movie at this scale.”

Whether Snyder gets a third film is hard to say as Netflix’s film division is undergoing a major shake-up as veteran producer Dan Lin takes over and is currently cutting plans for auteur-driven fare.

“Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver” debuts on Netflix on April 19th.

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