“Skeleton Crew” VFX Are Old School “Star Wars” SuperNayr


The MCU “Spider-Man” trilogy director Jon Watts says his upcoming “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew” series for Lucasfilm and Disney+ is going decidedly old school when it comes to certain production aspects.

The new series follows four kids who stumble upon a buried spaceship on their rather sedate planet and accidentally launch themselves into a galaxy-wide adventure as they try to find their way back home.

Speaking with Collider at CCXP Mexico City, Watts advises that you don’t need to have any prior “Star Wars” knowledge to enjoy it. Those who do though will “enjoy it on many levels”

He also says he’s bringing back some classic filmmaking elements combined with more state-of-the-art techniques:

“I got to use all the cool stuff on my most recent Star Wars show. We had pre-viz, MOCAP, we shot on the volume, we did everything. But the most fun part was we also used all the old school techniques as well.”

That includes hiring living VFX legend and “Star Wars” alumni Phil Tippett, bringing him back to the franchise to do what he does best:

“We got Phil Tippett to do stop-motion. We did matte paintings, like real old-fashioned matte paintings. We got an ILM painter out of retirement to come out and do that. So to me, all that stuff is fun, but it’s just another tool, and it depends on how you use it.”

Jude Law, Kerry Condon, Tunde Abedimpe and Michael C. Bradford co-star in the series which will see filmmakers like The Daniels, David Lowery, and Jake Schreier directing specific episodes.

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