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Sita Ramam was one of the most popular romance dramas of 2022. Despite the mixed reviews, the Telugu film did very well at the box office. Audiences praised the film’s plot was praised for the elements of romance, drama, and tragedy.

Set against the backdrop of the 1980s, the film boasts a talented cast. Dulquer Salmaan plays the lead role of Lieutenant Ram, while Mrunal Thakur is the female protagonist. Rashmika Mandanna is the tritagonist in the film. The film follows the tragic love story of Sita and Ram which is emotionally impactful.

How does Afreen find Lieutenant Ram & Sita?

Sita Ramam opens with the introduction of Afreen, a Pakistani rebellious woman who visits her grandfather, Abu Tariq, to ask him for some money and pay for her wrongdoings. However, her grandfather had passed away while she was abroad, and all that was left was his inheritance. When she demands her grandfather’s inheritance, the lawyer asks her to find Sita Mahalakshmi in India and deliver a 20-year-old letter. The letter was by Ram, Sita’s husband, while he was in prison in Pakistan.

To seek a grand sum of money from her grandfather, Afreen goes to India and begins her search. She soon realizes that it is not easy to find Sita in the country. She seeks help from one of her seniors in India named Balaji to search for Sita. In the process, she gets to know her and Ram’s story in bits and pieces.

The story then rewinds back to the past and features Lieutenant Ram in the Indian army. During an interview on the radio, he reveals that he is an orphan and does not have a family. As a result, the entire country sends him thousands of letters calling him their family member. However, a unique letter from Sita Mahalakshmi says that she is his wife. After exchanging many letters, Ram finally gets an extended leave from the army and goes to meet her.

They meet on a train, and he leaves a phone number and address. Finally, after a long wait, Sita meets Ram. Their beautiful love story takes a turn when Ram thinks Sita is a dance teacher for Princess Noor Jahan. When Ram asks Sita to marry him, she is surprised and runs away. At the present time, Afreen reaches Noor Jahan’s palace and realizes that the princess is none other than Sita Mahalakshmi.

Sita Ramam ending explained: What happens to Ram and Sita?

The plot of Sita Ramam thickens from hereon. Sita’s family asks her to marry the prince of Oman, but a news article about her affair with Ram saves her from that commitment. As she is free from the commitment, she visits Ram and agrees to marry him. However, she hides her true identity from him and lives as Sita Mahalakshmi. While everything goes fine in their lives, Ram has to go on a crucial mission.

Despite being successful in the mission, he is caught by the Pakistani army while he stays back to save a little girl. It is revealed that the little girl was Afreen as Ram handed her over to Abu Tariq. Afreen’s point of view towards life changes knowing Ram’s heroic gesture.

She further learns that Ram and his comrade Vishnu were under the Pakistani army’s custody. Sita reaches out to her family for Ram’s release. As a result, the Pakistani government agrees to relieve Ram and Vishnu in an exchange offer. However, in a turn of events, they decided to release the one who would disclose Kashmir’s coordinates in India. While Ram refuses to betray his country, Vishnu blabbers all details and is sent back home.

Balaji hands Ram’s last letter to Sita, revealing that he knew she was Princess Noor Jahan. Ram also revealed the truth about Vishnu and that he had written the letter right before his execution. Finally, Afreen goes to meet Sita in Kashmir. By then, Sita had cleared Ram’s image. Justice is served when authorities take Vishnu into custody. Sita lives on doing kind deeds and reminiscing her time with Ram.

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