Singer Rikki Valentina Claims Ariana Grande 'Stole' Her Boyfriend YEARS Ago — And The Story Is WILD! SuperNayr

It’s story time, y’all…

Ariana Grande has been in the news lately for her shocking relationship with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater. Considering the super-sus timing involving the beginning of that connection and end of Slater’s marriage to Lilly Jay (and the end of Ariana’s marriage to Dalton Gomez, TBH), let’s just say fans are, uhhh, skeptical about how things went down behind-the-scenes over the last few months.

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But now indie singer Rikki Valentina has taken to TikTok with three shocking new videos detailing her own experience — more than a DECADE ago — with the Victorious alum allegedly getting with her boyfriend, too! And this story is CRAZY!!!

In her first video, the screen caption reads:

“when karma finally exposes Ariana Grande after she stole your boyfriend in 2010”

Watch for yourself (below):


Iv’e been waiting to share this tea ☕️#arianagrande #ethanslater #wicked #daltongomez

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Oh s**t!! And then, in the second video, she starts off by saying:

“So, I’m going to make this video as quickly as possible. I did not realize this video was going to blow up so quickly. And I’m very sorry how I worded the [first] video, I shouldn’t have said ‘stolen,’ because he definitely was at fault more so than her, but she also knew what she was doing, so she is at fault! And also, the only reason I am bringing this up, because I am over it, is that I did not know she had so many victims, and when I found that out, that really irked me, And also, to come in between a marriage with a baby. Something needs to be said, because she clearly doesn’t get it if she’s been doing this for this long.”


She continues:

“Back in 2009, I was dating this guy named Christian who was older than me by four-and-a-half years. Bad mistake number one. And who was an actor. Bad mistake number two. I should have seen that coming. He was very manipulative in this relationship because he would be very quiet about me. And I never saw that. This was my first boyfriend ever, I don’t think of these things. And he would also ask for all my passwords for all my social media, like, ‘oh, you have to give me your passwords for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, all that fun stuff.’ So, I was like, ‘OK, so then you have to give me your passwords.’ And he did. So, we’ll keep that in mind for later.”

The suspense is building!

“He booked a role as a day player on Victorious. It was, like, the TMZ episode. And when he came back, somebody was AIM-ing him, and I heard it on the other side while we were video chatting. And I was like, ‘oh, who’s talking to you?’ And he was like, ‘oh, you know that girl with the red hair, Ariana, from Victorious? Yeah, we’re friends and we’re AIM-ing each other.’ So I was like, ‘oh, OK, cool.’ I didn’t think anything of it.”

Sure, sure.

“After a while, they were still AIM-ing each other, and I got to the point where I was like, ‘OK.’ So, I asked him, like, ‘hey, what are you guys talking about? This is a little weird.’ And this is dead-ass what he said: ‘Oh, she’s asking me what’s a good outfit to wear to seduce a 40-year-old man?’”


“So, at this point, we had been dating for over a year, and he was a lot older than me. So his family was telling him, ‘hey, you need to keep her a secret because the age difference, you can get in trouble.’ And on top of it, he was an actor, and he told me, ‘well, I need to look more available for my female fans, so I can’t really let people know we’re dating.’ Stupid me went along with that!”


Watch her set up the scene (below):


Replying to @Karlie its a long story #arianagrande #ethanslater

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Yeah, s**t’s gettin’ real real now!

In her third vid, though, that’s where it HITS THE FAN!

“Right when he told me about the first little comment she made about the clothing, I knew something was up. I don’t know if it was a true statement or if she was just trying to impress him, but still, very weird to say. I was homeschooled for a while, and this was my first chance ever getting to go to a homecoming. So, I asked him to take me to homecoming, and he said he couldn’t, because we have to be kept a secret. Once again, I’m an idiot. Finally, the homecoming happens, and he breakups with me. Telling me, ‘hey, you know what? I think I’m holding you back.’ He made me miss my homecoming!”

Not homecoming!!

“But I knew something was up. I could feel it. So, remember how I have his passwords, right? I went on to his Facebook and saw so many messages between them of them meeting up behind my back while we were dating. Him going to the set of Victorious, and them getting together in her dressing room. I was livid. But they also made it so obvious at this point because they were leaving little smiley faces on each other’s walls. And I was friends with her on Facebook at the time.”

Oh, yeah. Smiley faces on each other’s walls is a big tell. IYKYK!

“So, I reached out to her. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I was like, ‘maybe he told her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or maybe she doesn’t know about me. So, I sent her this long message like, ‘hey girl, I don’t know if you know this, but I was dating Christian while you guys were getting together, and he cheated on me with you. And I just wanted to let you know this because he was also with me when he was with you.’ You know? Looking out for each other. That’s what girl code is.”

Now here is where it gets worse…

“What does she do? She blocks me! She blocks me on Facebook. And I had sent her proof. I had sent her all the photos of us together and she blocked me. So, I went onto his Facebook and I messaged her myself. And I said, ‘what the heck, why did you block me? That’s not very nice. I was letting you know what’s up and you’re still OK with this?’”


“He eventually caught wind that I was on his Facebook, and he kicked me off. And down the line, they were still together. I don’t know if they were official or anything, but they both had matching Facebook profile pictures that I found on my old computer. And I made one back flipping them off.”


“But at the end of the day, I should be thanking her, because if it wasn’t for her, I would have never met my boyfriend that I met after who I am actually now married to! So, it worked out for the best. I also made a song about his cheating ass, which has 28,000 plays. That’s pretty good for an independent artist, so that’s a win for me, too.”

True, true.

“And here’s the real kicker: I guess she ended up cheating on him, so he came crawling back to me and apologizing. And I said, ‘BYE!’”

Ha! Talk about karma for THAT dude!

See the profile pics and everything (below):


Replying to @caca cruncher Part 2 #arianagrande #ethanslater in the end things are ment to be but maybe by us putting her on blast she will stop this behavior.

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Damn. Damn. Damn.

That is a hell of a lot of tea right there. We’re used to getting it hot, but this is SCALDING! And if everything she says is true, well, it’s not the best look for Ari. Like, the ultimate shade definitely goes to the guys in these situations for straying on their OG ladies, but girl code is real, too! So…

What do you think, Perezcious readers?

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