Shatner Open To One More “Trek” Voyage SuperNayr

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William Shatner is 93 years old, but he’s certainly not retired with the “Star Trek” and “Boston Legal” alum still popoing up every now and then on screen.

Most recently he’s been doing voice work, such as lending his voice to the King Keldor character on Netflix’s “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” earlier this year.

Now he’s out promoting his “You Can Call Me Bill” documentary and has revealed he is open to a potential return to his Captain Kirk role in “Star Trek” if the script is right.

He also cites a software company he promotes that has de-aging software that would allow him to play a younger version of the captain. Speaking to the Canadian Press (via Deadline) on a video call, Shatner said:

“It’s an intriguing idea. It’s almost impossible, but it was a great role and so well-written, and if there were a reason to be there not just to make a cameo appearance, but if there were a genuine reason for the character appearing, I might consider it.

A company that wants to freeze my body and my brain for the future might be a way of going about it. ‘We’ve got Captain Kirk’s brain frozen here.’ There’s a scenario. ‘Let’s see if we can bring back a little bit of this, a little salt, a little pepper. Oh, look at that. Here comes Captain Kirk!”

The character’s last appearance was in the 1994 film “Star Trek Generations” where he died on screen falling off a cliff. Since then the Kirk role has been assumed by other actors including Chris Pine on the big screen and Paul Wesley on television.

Shatner was amusingly recently asked his thoughts on A.I. on an episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” last month to which he responded: “Will it come alive and destroy us? Hopefully.”

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