Shankar’s ‘Game Changer’ Starring Ram Charan And Kiara Advani To Release First Song ‘Jaragandi’ On Actor’s Birthday? SuperNayr

In a thrilling update for fans, the much-anticipated first song ‘Jaragandi’ from the blockbuster-in-waiting ‘Game Changer‘, starring Ram Charan, is reportedly all set to make its grand debut on the superstar’s birthday. The release, initially delayed due to unforeseen issues, is now locked in to add a musical dimension to the celebrations of Charan’s special day.

Buzz around Jaragandi from Game Changer

The buzz around ‘Jaragandi’ has been building ever since a snippet of the song inadvertently leaked online, sparking widespread excitement and anticipation. In response to the leak, the production team took decisive legal action to protect their content, underscoring the high stakes involved in the film’s promotion.

“There is a lot of excitement among fans of Ram Charan as his birthday approaches and makers felt that Charan’s birthday is a perfect time to kickstart with the promotions,” revealed a source to Pinkvilla. According to reports, the Jaragandi song has been made on a high budget of almost Rs 15 crore.

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Thaman S collaborates with Ram Charan for third time

Composed by the renowned Thaman S, marking his third collaboration with Charan, the song promises to be a high-energy track that will resonate with fans across the board. The film’s producers have chosen the perfect occasion to unveil this musical gem, aligning it with the festivities of Ram Charan’s birthday, ensuring that the day will be remembered for more than just cake and candles.

Game Changer‘, directed by the visionary Shankar and produced by Dil Raju, is poised to be a cinematic marvel, with Kiara Advani starring opposite Charan. The film is expected to hit theaters in the latter part of 2024, but the release of ‘Jaragandi’ on March 27 will give fans a taste of the excitement that lies ahead.

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