Shah Rukh Khan On Not Glorifying Negative Characters At CNN IBN Event: “If I play a bad guy, I make sure he dies a dog’s death”, His 30 Year Old Video Too Resurfaces Reiterating The Same SuperNayr

Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan was honoured as the Indian of the Year 2023, acknowledging his stellar contributions to cinema with blockbusters like Pathaan and Jawan, along with the success of Dunki. In a poignant 10-minute speech in New Delhi on Wednesday night, Khan shared insights into his journey over the last few years, reflecting on both triumphs and challenges.

Shah Rukh Khan opened up about playing a villain in films in his recent speech. At News18 event, he talked about his responsibilities in society and said that if he gets to play the role of an antagonist, he will make sure that his character doesn’t get away with it.

Shah Rukh Spoke About Negative Characters And Their Ultimate End

At a News18 event, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I am a guy who is hopeful and tells happy stories. The heroes I play do good things, they give hope and happiness. If I play a bad guy, I make sure he suffers a lot, he dies a dog’s death because I believe goodness begets goodness. And I believe badness deserves a kick in the backside.” He added, “I should play honest roles that give people the courage to dream. I should keep working hard quietly with the hope that life doesn’t topple my apple cart anytime soon.”

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Shah Rukh Spoke About Take On Negative Characters In 1994, Old Video Resurfaces

The superstar has always spoken about never glorifying problematic characters on the big screen. Way before some of the ‘red flag’ male leads took over the big screen, SRK was on Aap Ki Adalat where he said that he ensured none of his bad characters were glorified on screen. Shah Rukh Khan said, “Ek beech ke roles hote hain. Main unko human characters kehta hoon. Main unko negative character nahi kehta. Nahi main unko positive character kehta hoon. Yeh black and white nahi hai… Maine jo filmon mein kiya usme maine basically love angle use kiya – ki main is se pyar karta hoon, iss intehaan tak pyar karta hoon ki main pyar mein jaan le loon… Aur har film ke akhir mein humne kahin par bhi aisa nahi dikhaya ki kuch sympathy uske sath jati hai (These characters are humans, they are not negative or positive. It is not as simple as black and white. I have played characters that can even kill for love, but they have never been rewarded or gotten a sympathy for doing bad things).”

Shah Rukh Khan had male negative roles in Baazigar, Darr, and Anjaam. He said, “Glorification tab ho jab woh yeh sab kar ke nikal jaye. Lekin agar aap inn filmon ki ending dekhe, toh mujhe itna mara hai end mein… itni buri tarah pitai hoti hai. So I don’t think kisi jagah pe glorify kiya hai (violence)… It is entertainment… I have never had a negative response… Aage bhi main joh aise roles karunga woh sirf audience ki bhalai ke liye hain (It would have been glorification if the character faced no consequences, but I have been beaten badly in all these films… in future too, I will continue playing such roles for the audiences’ sake).”

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Next

Meanwhile, on the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is yet to announce his next project. However, he will be working with his daughter Suhana Khan in Sujoy Ghosh’s next.

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