Shah Rukh Khan Is UPSET With Paps Invading His Privacy, Photojournalist Reveals Why SRK Stopped Posing For Photos SuperNayr

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his charm and connection with fans, has recently been avoiding media events and Mumbai’s paparazzi. This sudden behaviour change puzzled many, especially his loyal fans. Mumbai paparazzo Varinder Chawla recently revealed the reason behind SRK’s media absence in an interview with Hindi Rush, sharing insights from a personal conversation with the star.

Chawla recounted an incident from when Pathaan was released in 2023. His team had spotted and recorded SRK, but Chawla felt it invaded the actor’s privacy and decided not to use the footage.

Shah Rukh Khan UPSET With The Media

He called SRK’s PR team to apologise, explaining his decision. “You will not believe me,” Chawla said. “Soon after my call, I quickly received a call from SRK’s manager who first thanked me and then informed me that Shah Rukh wanted to speak to me. I was in shock.”

Chawla, who once chased SRK’s car for a glimpse, found himself on a call with the superstar. They spoke for over five minutes. During the conversation, Chawla realised the depth of SRK’s love for his children, especially his son Aryan Khan.

“He was so sad, upset back then,” Chawla explained. “We didn’t care about that. We just kept complaining that SRK doesn’t give us photos and always hides his face. He is mad at the media for what they did with his son.”

In 2021, Aryan Khan was arrested in the Cordelia Cruise case for alleged possession of narcotics and spent 22 days in jail before being cleared of all charges. The incident had a profound impact on SRK, leading him to withdraw from media interactions to protect his family’s privacy.

SRK’s Work Front

Talking about his professional front, Shah Rukh Khan dominated the box office in 2023 with three major releases. His first film of the year, Pathaan, was a massive hit, grossing over Rs 500 crore and setting a high bar. Following this, Jawan exceeded expectations and topped Pathaan‘s success.

Although his third release, Dunki, didn’t match the astronomical success of the first two, it still managed to earn over Rs 200 crore, solidifying SRK’s status as a box office titan.

Now, fans eagerly await updates on his latest film King, in which he will be seen as a don, sharing the screen with his daughter Suhana Khan. The film is being directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

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