Seth Meyers Resurfaces Clips of Trump Bragging About Not Needing Anyone’s Money: ‘Definitely Won’t Come to Regret It!’ | Video SuperNayr

As Donald Trump continues to struggle to come up with the money to pay his civil fraud trial bond, Seth Meyers is delighting in the irony. During Monday night’s show, the NBC host resurfaced a series of old clips of Trump, in which the ex-president happily bragged about not needing anyone else’s money for his campaign.

During his “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers first brought up Trump’s latest angry screed on social media about the case, in which he complained that the payout was only set so high “because they saw a similar amount in my bank account.” Of course, it appears Trump’s bank account didn’t actually have that much, as he’s been scrambling to find the money through other channels.

Still, Trump stuck with the claim, adding that “I had intended to use much of that hard earned money on running for president.”

“Now that’s a lot of words, so we translated it from Trump to English, and here’s what it means: ‘I don’t have the money, frowny face emoji,’” Meyers joked.


Meyers then pointed out that Trump’s lack of funds “punctures the central myth of Trump’s life and career,” and reminded viewers that Trump took every opportunity in 2015 and 2016 to tell voters he didn’t need anyone’s money to help his campaign.

As proof, Meyers pulled up several clips, in one of which Trump bragged “I don’t want their their money, I don’t need their money” and in another he said “I’m turning down millions of dollars.” (It’s worth noting that a reporter at the time followed up with “From who?” Trump ignored the question).

“I’m turning down millions of dollars, and I definitely won’t come to regret it,” Meyers mimicked in his own Trump voice, before speaking as himself again.

“As a general rule, if you’re the kind of guy who knowingly breaks laws and commits fraud, you probably shouldn’t go around bragging that you’ll never need anyone’s money,” Meyers quipped.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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