‘Selling Sunset’ star Christine Quinn’s legal drama with her estranged husband, explained SuperNayr

The audience saw the ruthless Christine Quinn in action in the first five seasons of Selling Sunset, flaunting unique fashion and selling multi-million dollar houses. Despite her wedding being a huge event in season 3, Christine and Christian Dumontet are currently caught in a messy legal drama.

Christine Quinn and her estranged tech-expert husband Christian Dumontet showed off their relationship all over the Netflix real estate reality show. Selling Sunset featured the beginning of their relationship, as he was her client and helped her find a home, their engagement party, their lavish gothic wedding in 2019, and their jungle-themed baby shower. However, little was actually known about the couple’s relationship.

In the show, he went by Christian Richard for “privacy reasons.” After Christine left Selling Sunset in season 5, she launched a real estate company with her husband called RealOpen, combining real estate with cryptocurrency, as their real estate helped customers find their dream home using digital currency.

Although they didn’t normally make headlines, their relationship was far from the #RelationshipGoals she was trying to paint on the show. Despite the audience not knowing about it, their relationship was in trouble for a long time. However, let’s start at the beginning.

Christine’s husband found himself in legal trouble on Mar. 19, 2024, when he was arrested after an alleged domestic incident. The Los Angeles Police Department told People that the “suspect threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the victim, missed the victim, but the object hit the victim’s child, causing injury.” The two share a three-year-old son, Christian Georges Dumontet, who was injured in the argument.

Quinn and Dumontet’s son was treated by paramedics following the incident. Dumontet was charged with assault with a “deadly weapon.” The next day, he was arrested again after allegedly violating an emergency protective order in place for his wife and son. A few days later, Dumontet requested a restraining order against his wife, and she did the same.

According to court documents (obtained by Page Six), Christine claimed the tech mogul suffered from mental health issues. In the restraining order, she claimed the argument began after she showed “dissatisfaction” with their relationship, which annoyed her husband who started yelling at her and throwing floral arrangements. She also claimed that he also threw an opened can of Red Bull across the room, and dog feces at her before urinating on her floor.

On Apr. 5, 2024, Christian was the one to file for divorce, requesting legal custody. He also asked a judge to terminate the court’s ability to award spousal support to Quinn.

Less than two months later, Christian Dumontet was formally charged with misdemeanor assault, violation of a protection order, and child abuse/ endangerment, People reports.

Despite the current formal charges, their issues seemed to have dated even before Mar. 19. US Weekly reports that police were called 18 times to Christine’s house in the last five years. Some of the calls were about false alarms and potential trespassing, but others involved verbal disputes or arguments at the home. No charges were filed, though.

Christine Quinn seemingly reacted to her husband’s charges

Christine Quinn in Selling Sunset
via Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix

Amid all the legal drama, Christine Quinn seemingly reacted to her husband’s charges. A day after his charges, Quinn wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Trash always takes itself out..” She didn’t specifically address her husband, but before writing that, she reposted a post reporting her husband’s formal charges.

Unfortunately, all of the legal drama isn’t nearly over. The former couple will surely embark on a messy divorce and harsh custody battle.

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