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The British Independent Film Awards are taking place tonight in London, honoring the best independent films from around the world. “Rye Lane” led the pack with 16 nominations, followed by “All of Us Strangers” and “Scrapper,” which both earned 13 nominations a piece.

In addition to British films, the ceremony honors the best independent cinema from around the world. Major festival hits including “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Past Lives,” “Fallen Leaves,” and “Monster” are set to face off in the Best International Independent Film category.

Keep reading for a complete list of nominees at the 2023 British Independent Film Awards. Winners will be updated in bold as they are announced.

Best British Independent Film
“All Of Us Strangers” – Andrew Haigh, Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin, Sarah Harvey
“Femme” – Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping, Myles Payne, Sam Ritzenberg
“How To Have Sex” – Molly Manning Walker, Ivana Mackinnon, Emily Leo, Konstantinos Kontovrakis
“Rye Lane” – Raine Allen-Miller, Nathan Bryon, Tom Melia, Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo, Damian Jones
“Scrapper” – Charlotte Regan, Theo Barrowclough

Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing an orange and gray bodysuit as in "The Running Man," 1987.
Screen shot from trailer for "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé"

Best International Independent Film
WINNER “Anatomy Of A Fall” – Justine Triet, Arthur Harari, Marie-ange Luciani, David Thion
“Fallen Leaves” – Aki Kauriskmäki
“Fremont” – Babak Jalali, Carolina Cavalli, Marjaneh Moghimi, Sudnya Shroff, Rachael Fung
“Monster” – Kore-eda Hirokazu, Sakamoto Yuji, Kawamura Genki, Yamada Kenji
“Past Lives” – Celine Song, David Hinojosa, Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler

Best Director
Raine Allen-Miller – “Rye Lane”
Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping – “Femme”
Andrew Haigh – “All Of Us Strangers”
Molly Manning Walker – “How To Have Sex”
Charlotte Regan – “Scrapper”

Best Screenplay
Nathan Bryon, Tom Melia – “Rye Lane”
Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping – “Femme”
Andrew Haigh – “All Of Us Strangers”
Molly Manning Walker – “How To Have Sex”
Charlotte Regan – “Scrapper”

Best Lead Performance
Jodie Comer – “The End We Start From”
Mia Mckenna-Bruce – “How To Have Sex”
Tia Nomore – “Earth Mama”
Nabhaan Rizwan – “In Camera”
Andrew Scott – “All Of Us Strangers”
Tilda Swinton – “The Eternal Daughter”

Best Joint Lead Performance
Lola Campbell, Harris Dickinson – “Scrapper”
David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah – “Rye Lane”
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, George Mackay – “Femme”

Best Supporting Performance
Ritu Arya – “Polite Society”
Jamie Bell – “All Of Us Strangers”
Samuel Bottomley – “How To Have Sex”
Alexandra Burke – “Pretty Red Dress”
Amir El-Masry – “In Camera”
Claire Foy – “All Of Us Strangers”
Paul Mescal – “All Of Us Strangers”
Alia Shawkat – “Drift”
Shaun Thomas – “How To Have Sex”
Katherine Waterston – “The End We Start From”

The Douglas Hickox Award (Best Debut Director)
Raine Allen-Miller – “Rye Lane”
Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping – “Femme”
WINNER Savanah Leaf – “Earth Mama”
Molly Manning Walker – “How To Have Sex”
Charlotte Regan – “Scrapper”

Breakthrough Producer
WINNER Theo Barrowclough – “Scrapper”
Georgia Goggin – “Pretty Red Dress”
Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo – “Rye Lane” [Also produced by Damian Jones]
Gannesh Rajah – “If The Streets Were On Fire
Chi Thai – “Raging Grace”

Breakthrough Performance
Le’Shantey – “Bonsu Girl”
Lola Campbell – “Scrapper”
Priya Kansara – “Polite Society”
Mia Mckenna-Bruce – “How To Have Sex”
Vivian Oparah – “Rye Lane”

Best Debut Screenwriter
Nathan Bryon, Tom Melia – “Rye Lane”
Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping – “Femme”
Molly Manning Walker – “How To Have Sex”
WINNER Nida Manzoor – “Polite Society”
Charlotte Regan – “Scrapper”

Best Debut Director – Feature Documentary
WINNER Chloe Abrahams – “The Taste Of Mango”
Sophie Compton, Reuben Hamlyn – “Another Body”
Ella Glendining – “Is There Anybody Out There?”
Alice Russell – “If The Streets Were On Fire”
Christopher Sharp – “Bobi Wine: The People’s President” [Also directed by Moses Bwayo]

The Raindance Maverick Award
WINNER “If The Streets Were On Fire” – Alice Russell, Gannesh Rajah
“Is There Anybody Out There?” – Ella Glendining, Janine Marmot
“Name Me Lawand” – Edward Lovelace
“Raging Grace” – Paris Zarcilla, Chi Thai
“Red Herring” – Kit Vincent, Ed Owles

Best Feature Documentary
“Another Body” – Sophie Compton, Reuben Hamlyn, Isabel Freeman, Elizabeth Woodward
“Bobi Wine: The People’s President” – Moses Bwayo, Christopher Sharp, John Battsek
“If The Streets Were On Fire” – Alice Russell, Gannesh Rajah
“Lyra” – Alison Millar, Jackie Doyle
“Occupied City” – Steve Mcqueen, Bianca Stitger, Floor Onrust, Anna Smith-tenser

Best British Short Film
“Christopher At Sea” – Tom C.J. Brown, Laure Desmazières, Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, Amanda Miller, Hannah Stolarski, Nick Read, Emily-jane Brown
WINNER “Festival Of Slaps” – Abdou Cissé, Cheri Darbon, George Telfer
“Lions” – Beru Tessema, Ama Ampadu
“Muna” – Warda Mohamed, Angela Moneke, Simon Hatton
“The Talent” – Thomas May Bailey, Emma D’Arcy, Ellen Spence

Best Casting
Shaheen Baig – “Scrapper”
Kharmel Cochrane – “Rye Lane”
Kahleen Crawford – “All Of Us Strangers”
WINNER Isabella Odoffin – “How To Have Sex”
Salome Oggenfuss, Geraldine Barón, Abby Harri – “Earth Mama”

Best Cinematography
Olan Collardy – “Rye Lane”
Suzie Lavelle – “The End We Start From”
Molly Manning Walker – “Scrapper”
WINNER Jamie D. Ramsay – “All Of Us Strangers”
James Rhodes – “Femme”

Best Costume Design
George Buxton – “How To Have Sex”
Oliver Cronk – “Scrapper”
WINNER Buki Ebiesuwa – “Femme”
Cynthia Lawrence-John – “Rye Lane”
PC Williams – “The End We Start From”

Best Editing
WINNER Jonathan Alberts – “All Of Us Strangers”
Victoria Boydell – “Rye Lane”
Paul Carlin – “Bobi Wine: The People’s President”
Avdhesh Mohla “High & Low – John Galliano”
Arttu Salmi – “The End We Start From”

Best Effects
Paddy Eason – “Polite Society”
Theodor Flo-Groeneboom – “The End We Start From”
WINNER Jonathan Gales, Richard Baker – “The Kitchen”

Best Music Supervision
Ciara Elwis – “Femme”
WINNER Connie Farr – “All Of Us Strangers”
David Fish – “Rye Lane”

Best Make-Up & Hair Design
Zoe Clare Brown – “All Of Us Strangers”
Claire Carter – “Polite Society”
WINNER Marie Deehan – “Femme”
Natasha Lawes – “How To Have Sex”
Bianca Simone Scott – “Rye Lane”

Best Original Music
Adam Janota Bzowski – “Femme”
Patrick Jonsson – “Scrapper”
WINNER Kwes- “Rye Lane”
Anna Meredith – “The End We Start From”
Ré Olunuga – “Girl”

Best Production Design
Laura Ellis Cricks – “The End We Start From”
Sarah Finlay – “All Of Us Strangers”
Elena Muntoni – “Scrapper”
WINNER Nathan Parker – “The Kitchen”
Anna Rhodes – “Rye Lane”

Best Sound
Ben Baird, Jack Wensley, Adam Fletcher, Alexej Mungersdorff – “Scrapper”
Steve Fanagan – “How To Have Sex”
Stevie Haywood, Joakim Sundström, Per Bostrom – “All Of Us Strangers”
WINNER Mark Jenkin – “Enys Men”
Jens Rosenlund-Petersen, Amy Felton, Joe Jackson, Tim Cavagin, Lori Dovi – “The End We Start From”

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