Sam Raimi Rumored For “Spider-Man 4”? SuperNayr

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Filmmaker Sam Raimi helped start the flood of comic book movies over the past two decades with his Tobey Maguire-led “Spider-Man” trilogy from 2002-2007.

Raimi seemingly left Marvel behind until years later, in 2022, when he tackled “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” for Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios – the result was a smash hit for Disney.

Recently in interviews, Raimi has indicated that no-one from Marvel has gotten in touch with him regarding doing more for them, even as he’s expressed interest in returning to the fold and has acknowledged the online rumor mill about such a possibility.

Today, World of Reel reports that whilst officially Sony still doesn’t have a director attached for a fourth “Spider-Man” film, their sources indicate Raimi is now in contention to direct it.

They say no formal offer has been given to Raimi, but there have been talks. Scheduling will play a part as he’s also attached to direct “Send Help”, but that one could be delayed for this.

Other prior frontrunners like Justin Lin and Drew Goddard are seemingly out of the running having just signed up for other projects. Tom Holland and Zendaya are likely to return in their respective roles on screen. No word on a release date as yet.

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