Ryan Gosling Attempted To Break Up With Ken During His ‘SNL’ Monologue But Actually Revived The ‘Barbenheimer’ Feud SuperNayr

Ryan Gosling is leaving his Kenergy behind to embrace his The Fall Guy era.

So, last night (April 13), during his long-awaited return to Saturday Night Live, the actor used his monologue to officially break up with the beloved fictional character via a song. However, that proved to be too difficult. But with the help of his latest co-star, Emily Blunt, through a few whackings (including a bottle to the head and chair to the back), things were temporarily back on track.

But the force that is Ken was simply too strong to contain. Eventually, the stars vocally duked it out through song to brag about their rival summer box office smashes. Ultimately, what was supposed to be a televised funeral for the doll turned into a revival of the Barbenheimer feud.

No battle is complete without backup. Blunt’s support took to her side of the stage in drab costuming similar to that of the Oscar-winning film Oppenheimer. While Gosling, sporting his macho fur coat seen in Barbie, found a flurry of goons draped in Barbie‘s signature pink to assist him.

By the end, Blunt accepts that her time as Kitty Oppenheimer is long over. Gosling, on the other hand, screams: “Ken will never die.” Could that be a confirmation that Barbie 2 is in the works?

Watch the entire monologue above.

The Fall Guy will hit theaters on May 3. Find more information here.

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