Ruby Franke Denied Doing 'Naughty Things' To Her Kids & Blamed Abuse On The Devil In Chilling Jail Call SuperNayr

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The audio from chilling phone calls Ruby Franke made from prison has been released.

After being sentenced to between 4 and 60 years behind bars last month, Utah prosecutors released a ton of evidence to the public last week in connection to the child abuse case against the disgraced social media personality. That includes the diary entries she wrote detailing all of the horrible things she did to two of her six children. They also dropped several phone conversations she had with her estranged husband, Kevin Franke, after being arrested on multiple charges of child abuse. And just when you think this case could not get more twisted, it did!! She blamed the devil for her legal troubles!

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In a call between the pair on August 31 of last year, the day after her arrest, Ruby told Kevin that the investigation against her and her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt was a “witch hunt.” She then added:

“The devil has been after me for years, and he’s mad as heck.”

When told her kids would be in the hospital for “three days,” Ruby did not sound concerned about their well being at all. Instead, she seemed more confused about the situation, telling her estranged husband:

“It’s so weird. It’s just not necessary. They are trying to exaggerate this.”

“Exaggerate this”?! When their 12-year-old son escaped from the home he and his younger sister were held captive in by Ruby and Jodi, he had duct tape around his wrists and ankles, was severely “emaciated and malnourished,” and suffered from “open wounds.” The YouTube star’s 10-year-old daughter had been in a similar condition. There is no way was what happened to these kids exaggerated! What the f**k! But in her eyes, Ruby did nothing wrong. In fact, she felt these poor children were “full of evil” at the end of the day:

“Adults have a really hard time understanding that children can be full of evil, and what that takes to fight it. You’ve seen what it takes to fight evil. It’s not the person you’re fighting and it can look like something it’s not. You’ve been there, you know that. I don’t know any adults that are going to see the truth. I’m calm about this, I just pray that you’ll hang in there.”


Ruby is on the record calling their children “evil,” and Kevin — who insists he never knew about the abuse since the couple had been separated — proceeded to have zero reaction to her words! What?!

In another phone call the following day, Ruby complained about being “completely misunderstood,” and blamed her horrific actions on the “satan.” Seriously?? She went on to insist to Kevin that she had done nothing wrong to their kids:

“Satan has taken everything away from me that I love. And I’m a good woman. I don’t do naughty things. I don’t do naughty things. I’m a really good girl.”

Of course, we know Ruby ended up pleading guilty to her crimes and is now serving her sentence in prison. At one point during the conversation, Kevin vowed to “do everything that [he] can to keep truth in our family,” adding:

“I am committed to our family. I am committed to you and our marriage no matter what happens. I will be here to support you in any way that I can.”

However, Kevin did not stick by Ruby’s side. He filed for divorce months later and is in the process of trying to get custody of the kids again. Four of them are currently in the care of the Department of Child and Family Services. You can listen to the phone calls (below):


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If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to

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